Zalon  /  16 Dec 2008, 08:31
EQL Division1 Final tonight!
Tonight at 20:00 CET the Viper Squad will face off against Bear Beer Balalaika in the European Quake League Season 8, Division 1 Final. The last time the two met, tVS ended up beating 3b nothing less than 2-0 with 173-142 on dm3 and 314-152 on e1m2.

With the odds against them, it will be exciting to see if 3b can step up to the task and take over the titel, or if it will once again go to the finish giant.

Bet on the game at Goldrush, and remember to post your thoughts about the game.
2008-12-16, 09:19
3B the russian mob , supprising almost everyone expect the hardcore fans(xn rules!) of the bear clan by beating drudiz pretty easy. They have showed that they can play fucking awesome 4on4 and I sure hope they can put up a fight vs the mighty finnish robots. But tVS have Milton, the best player in quakeworld today and if he is on fire, there is noone who can stop tVS.
I hope there will be three exciting maps, because if we go to kenya it won't be fun. 3B's chance is dm3 and maybe dm2 if XN can rule like a king. Otherwise I don't see tVS lose in a bo5.
2008-12-16, 09:41
Yeah, I was also a bit surprised on how easily they took down druidz, tVS however seems very strong, and as you said.... they have milton, i don't think 3b will be able to stop him, in their last game on e1m2 he exceeded 100 frags.
2008-12-16, 10:23
didn't think I'd ever cheer for Risto and his tVS gangsters, but in this case I do.. now, go beat the bear
2008-12-16, 11:25
Would be really nice to see how tvs plays cmt3 and cmt4 in a big game. Please show everyone how cmt should be played
2008-12-16, 13:20
3-0 for tVS! Why?
There is only one way to stop milton, TELEFRAG HIM!!!
2008-12-16, 17:00
Milton is just on a different level to any other 4v4 player atm. When I used to watch oodles of demos, I always had a certain player who I would look for. From Cable (Z), Pietro (FF), ParadokS (E,SR) and dag (lots ). Anyway, Milton does things no other player can do

Is that enough pressure!?
2008-12-16, 18:18
Milton eats pressure and (6-12 hours later) egests victory!
2008-12-16, 18:26
When i saw this i thought it would be a dead boring final, but come to think about it, 3B is probably the team that has the best chances at the moment, even if they are very slim. I think it will be 3-1 for tVS.
2008-12-16, 21:32
Thanks for the support Jon, I guess it's understandable if you guys had a little grudge towards 3B. I guess people usually root for the underdog, I know I do.
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