Vloody  /  10 Nov 2008, 21:52
Reppie vs Milton Showdown
You asked for it? Now you've got it!

DonKing wiki, the owner of Challenge TV, has set up an exhibition match between our finest duelers, the best of the best: milton wiki vs reppie wiki.
The match will be a part of an event called Challenges.
All TB5 maps (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) will be played, regardless of the results.
The game will be held on Sunday, November 23rd @ 21:00 CET (15:00 EST).

Milton stopped playing official duels ever since he had won Duelmania 3 and season 1, more than four years ago, which makes this even a lot more exciting, perhaps some sort a big comeback.
Reppie on the other hand is alive and kickin', and is on a safe road to yet another impressive achievement, QWDL season 1 Division Zero champion.

Commentary by phil wiki will be up @ (TeamSpeak 2).
The game will be broadcasted live on QuakeTV.
Be sure to head over to Goldrush and spend some of your fake money as this game is now open for bets.
Official IRC channel for the tournament: #challenges.
More info/interviews/thoughts/predictions coming soon... stay tuned!

Thanks alot to:
DonKing wiki, sassa wiki, ruskie wiki & phil wiki for making this happen.
reppie wiki and milton wiki for being born with inhuman motoric skills and agreeing to provide us with this sweet, oh sweet eye candy!
2008-11-10, 22:14
hehe nice. make sure to make a big post on qwdrama and esr with banner etc..
2008-11-10, 22:20
i should get some thanks also! bah. reppie will win btw.
2008-11-10, 22:29
2008-11-10, 22:33
A whole lot of people should get thanks! reppie and Milton most of all for supplying everyone with some good potentially entertaining matches, they both care about the QW community a lot. Thanks to phil for casting and adminning. and ruskie too!! And my Mom and Dad and God oh and i'd like to thank the Academy.. ok i'm done!!
2008-11-10, 23:27
2008-11-10, 23:32
It's going to be off the chain.

I expect to see "featured prac games" pop up on chtv before this happens
2008-11-10, 23:34
There is only one way to stop reppie, milton joins!

There is only one way to stop milton, TELEFRAG HIM!!!!

3-2 Milton

dm4: Reppie
dm6: Milton
ztn: Milton
Aerowalk: reppie
dm2: reppie
2008-11-10, 23:40
math is not your strong side eh?
2008-11-11, 01:48
lol dm2 is milton of course
2008-11-11, 04:17
of course

we might as well cancel the matchup since sassa has enlightened us
2008-11-11, 04:38
The order will be:
dm4, dm6, ztndm3, Aerowalk, dm2.
2008-11-11, 10:05
I'm spraying everywhere - this is going to be an awesome showdown! Can't wait to see Milton getting spawnraped over and over again...
2008-11-11, 11:40
Its gonna be TIGHT. I think Miltons gonna win though.
2008-11-11, 13:48
im with bps here..sorry finnepinne fans
your idol will get destroyed!
2008-11-11, 18:35
I'm really looking forward to this. After a winner has been appointed, the next mission is to set him up vs Dag And the winner between them gets a plane ticket to Australia to play vs Reload. The winner after that is sent to USA to play vs Def, and only then, hopefully will we ever be able to tell which continent\country can claim to be the best! Bring it on!
2008-11-11, 18:45
everybody know's that the last boss is UL
2008-11-11, 18:48
A feature article with interviews and photographs would be great! anyone up for it?
2008-11-11, 19:04
Nice - looking forward to this - if you want to warn up vs me I'm sure either of you can finally get over 100 on ztn
2008-11-11, 19:41
in the works, a videotrailer is also in the making. So the fans of Milton send me your frags (.mvds) and same for the Rep one's.
2008-11-11, 19:52
hop on in #challenges if you find something interesting or just want to say hi
2008-11-12, 03:04
Holy crap, this is going to be awesome.

I hope they both get some prac in for the match; It would be great to see two fantastic players at their best!
2008-11-12, 18:10
omg omg omg!

I hope Milton will put some effort in his 1n1 skills as I'm not so sure if he's very hot at it atm. I sure DO think he's freaking hot atm and the best 4n4 player... or just the best player skillwise out there.

Ofcourse I'm routing for reppie as I'm his biggest fan! MARRY ME REPPPPPIEEE!!
2008-11-13, 22:34
gg guys
very nice
2008-11-14, 12:02
nicestunt indeed, make most of it boys
2008-11-16, 15:01
does milton play any duels anymore? has he pracced ? any gossip? how would he do vs the rest of the QWDL div zero.. i mean is he better than gamer,fifi,locust etc ?
2008-11-16, 19:26
we dont know if he is better but he has practice d and beaten for e.x locust om dm4, but that's just one game
2008-11-16, 20:32
he is better from what I have seen, but in a competition its another thing than practising!
2008-11-17, 11:17
Now all we need are some trash talking stupid videos. Like Rory Fitzpatrick campaign videos on Youtube
2008-11-17, 13:55
he beat xacalibur in 5 straight dm4's most was 80 - 8 or something and least was 23 - 25
so he is hot still
2008-11-20, 03:47
Whoa, this will be a great showdown! I remember reppie and milton well. Both were manly and ultra-hardcore on the manly man's map, dm4. I think victory on dm4 is critical for both. Has the flying-dutchman surpassed razor now on aerowalk? If so I give the edge to Reppie on Preacher's masterpiece, and Milton will have to take dm2 for sure; as a tvs man, Milton should never lose dm2. Reppie will have to take dm4 to win; I think Milton taking dm6 and 2 is crucial if he is to whack the flyingdutchman. I see it coming down to yet another classic dm2 final if that map order is true.

Looking forward to this old showdown. I wish both of the guys strength and honour! //xhrl
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