Vloody  /  21 Oct 2008, 12:31
QWDL Superstars
We've got four great Div Zero games coming up in the next few days on QWDL:

reppie vs Bulat [Wed 22/10/08 15:00 GMT]
locust vs Bulat [Wed 22/10/08 16:00 GMT]
reppie marklar(fifi) [Wed 22/10/08 20:00 GMT]
Bulat Gamer [Thu 23/10/08 16:00 GMT]
Catch all the action live @ QuakeTV.
All Games are now open for bets @ Goldrush.

gl pl 3dfx etc (C) Quakosh.
2008-10-21, 12:46
hot stuff
2008-10-21, 13:03
Any commentary's?
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