Vloody  /  5 Oct 2008, 03:06
Indicate 4 Released!
After 1.5 movie-less years since the release of DDE3, salvation finally comes from the german movie maker knast. Indicate 4 is not a movie with top frags or the best possible graphics in QW, but more about funny moments knast captured in his active QW years.

Indicate 4 Final (145 MB).
If you're having problem running it, get VLC media player.

Read more for the full info...
Indicate 4 is basically a sequel to Indicate 2 because knast wasn't satisfied with Indicate 3 and found it a bit shitty . It's not a eye-candy movie, so it only weighs 145 MB, unlike other QW movies that are much bigger. Knast started working on the project on 2006, but sometimes took long breaks. The movie was edited from 500gb of recorded AVIs. An XviD version will also be relesaed soon since h264 takes alot of resources and might run slow on weaker systems.

Be sure to stop by knast's homepage:

General information
Produced by: Knast
Release date: October 05 2008
Duration: 6:54 min
Movie type: QuakeWorld fun movie.
Filesize: 145 MB
Resolution: 960x 600
Framerate: 30
Compression: h264

Ennio Morricone - The River
Sydney Youngblood - Sit and wait
Background Music - Anime Stuff
Hans Zimmer - Zoosters Breakout
The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now

Capturing process
Clients used: ezQuake and camquake

Production tools
After Effects
Virtual Dub
2008-10-05, 07:36
omglol DD
2008-10-05, 09:43
Funny vid
2008-10-05, 12:44
hehe nice
2008-10-05, 13:12
Sit and wait. Natürlich!
2008-10-05, 13:23

2008-10-05, 13:24
ROFL @ the dm2 lockup trick
does it not work if you just keep pressing the same button btw?
2008-10-05, 14:56
hehe it doesn't, that's what's so nice & tricky about it
2008-10-05, 16:19
ok movie
2008-10-05, 16:30
could do better, found it a bit to chaotic / short qw clips.
2008-10-05, 16:44
sit down and wait <3
great movie knast!!
2008-10-05, 16:53
That was good fun. Cam Quake rocks. Good stuff knast.
2008-10-05, 19:55
i fucking love camquake, great job knast
2008-10-05, 20:05
Sorry, didn't like this one bit. "Story" was very confusing, music sucked, qw action was just boring, graphics could have been much better, the movie clips made it even worse.
2008-10-05, 20:28
haha, the movies was what made it so great!
2008-10-06, 09:40
650 downloads omg
2008-10-06, 11:11
2008-10-06, 11:22
a little mistake, there was a prerelease uploaded, well maybe some changes in the credits and the text between the clips.
shit happens
uploading the right version now
2008-10-06, 15:08
Very nice movie knast!
2008-10-07, 17:33
I'll wait for version in another format, and then write my opinion. mp4 runs sloooow on my PC. rmvb version would be cool
2008-10-07, 19:06
hm k i will upload xvid soon
2008-10-09, 09:08
xvid version:

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