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Renzo  /  2 Oct 2008, 20:18
ezQuake 1.9.1 stable release
JohnNy_cz and his crew have released bugfix build of ezQuake 1.9.1 today. The changelog isn't all that big but as usual, this is a preferred version so go ahead and fetch it people!

fix: register QW URL dialog result will be saved into the registry now and won't reappear if not wanted; by cokeman
fix: luma textures don't override original textures anymore, gl_luma_level, by qqshka
fix: demo_jump backwards now works even if you watch more demos in a row

Read: ezQuake doesn't ask that stupid question when starting anymore. Other stuff is self-explanotary. You can get the whole package from:

Or you can grab the changed executables from here:
2008-10-02, 20:20
So sad. People would have needed that minping feature especially now when leagues are running and it doesn't seem that everyone is willing to reroute to get even pings.
2008-10-03, 06:54
So minping is not in this stable? We wanted to allow that in EQL :/
2008-10-03, 07:31
no minping, no download...
2008-10-03, 09:02
First of all, the 1.9.1 source codes branch was closed long before minping was coded in the trunk so it was not possible to add it to 1.9.1 version. Second, I'm in favor of releasing another 1.9 update with minping included. More time is needed as we don't have enough sources to do it all so quickly. We'll try to have stable build with minping for this EQL.
2008-10-03, 15:00
Nice. That luma thing as been bugging me.
2008-10-03, 16:05
nQuake updated.
2008-10-03, 16:05
(I haven't added the luma textures back yet though since the luma bug is still in the OS X and Linux versions of ezQuake.)
2008-10-03, 17:59
Good work. Software version (ezquake.exe) now works on my pc. I could never get it working with older builds.
2008-10-05, 17:53
The OS X version has now hit the shelves aswell.
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