Zalon  /  23 Sep 2008, 18:20
Current Signups for DreamHack!
To give the 2on2 Tournament at DreamHack Winter a bit more exposure, we bring you a list of the current signups for the tournament. It's all div0 power and some quality teams thats signed up so far. There is however still 9 free spots for the tournament. So wake up you lazy swedes and go show the world how Quake is supposed to be played.

SickMyDuck (Wizzoe & Redno)
Disorder (Nabbe & Persuader)
Druidz Team 1 (bps & LocKtar)
Fragomatic (XantoM & cge)
Lege Artis (Inferno & Riker)
MuFF (rbN & Elax)
For the Future (TENFIRE & Fear_HavoK)
2008-09-23, 18:42
If anyone is thinking of going and need a mate, i might be up for it. I need prac tho ;<<
2008-09-23, 20:27
Ake jag e på!
sugen ?
2008-09-23, 23:53
Persu wtf traittorix ;<
2008-09-25, 13:12
Hot teams so far! Still more needed obviously but the tournament is something to look forward to.
2008-09-26, 02:39
"So wake up you lazy swedes..." And the rest of the Nordic countries , c'm'on guys make this happen, otherwise you're responsible for killing qw.
2008-09-26, 07:07
Nice to see some cpm players trying out qw
2008-09-26, 09:49
I'm so badly hoping for Druidz Team 2 Mawe and Reppie

And I guess MuFF and SickmyDuck are cpm players?
2008-09-26, 10:56
I wonder about the Druids team numbers too. Some internal usage or indication that another team is coming to the same tournament? ;}}
2008-09-26, 11:53
Would be great to be there... but i cant :/
2008-10-04, 17:04
Hm does anyone want a partner for this if so im up for it
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