phil  /  12 Sep 2008, 13:45
The Stage is Set
The stage is set for the ultimate DM6 matches, as if there has not already been enough drama and locked-down dark zones. I will dish out some spoilers, give the top 16 spots, some under-achiever and over-achiever awards, and of course predictions.
Delitel came back from inactivity and wasn't shy about it as he jumped head first into the shark pit with Fifi. He gave Fifi a run for his money, and made Fifi earn his spot for the 4th place match. Yes griffin is out, yes reppie is out, yes Gamer is out, yes Paradoks is in the lower bracket, and yes cge is unstoppable. He has slowly but surely become the number one pick for the dm6maniac title. I'll be the first to say it out loud: he can play the kind of turtle potentially-100%-effi game that is reminiscent of dag's dark zone dominance in the years past.

Fifi aka marklar will now play lacsap. Lacsap aka xterm who was earlier knocked down to the lower bracket by reppie, and is now hot off a revenge victory in an epic rematch vs the flying dutchman. The winner of that will make his way to the bronze match, where the de-facto dm6 konge ParadokS awaits. Cge will therefore have a number of rest days and will await the final challenger in the grand final.

Currently the following finals are set as a best of five match:

LB12: Lower Bracket Finals aka Third Place Match: BEST OF 5
GF1: Grand Finals BEST OF 5
GF2: Grand Finals tie-break (if necessary) BEST OF 5

The other games remaining (in lower bracket) are bo3. Players may appeal the Grand Finals to be from two BO5 to two BO3, but they must contact me to do so.

The top 16 finishers are:

Still in it: cge, ParadokS, lacsap, marklar
5-6: griffin
5-6: delitel
7-8: reppie
7-8: LocKtar
9-12: Bulat
9-12: Gamer
9-12: lakso
9-12: goblin
13-16: fog
13-16: slabi
13-16: eh
13-16: fix

There are some unexpected names high and low here. I must say I'm disappointed in the under-achievers: Gamer, LocKtar, reppie, griffin, fix... But on the flip side, I am very proud of the over-achievers: slabi, fog, lakso! And possibly lacsap and cge are higher than ppl thought they could be, as well. Time will tell if the old school will prevail, or the young bloods will dethrone the geriatrics

lacsap vs marklar
Even though xterm (lacsap) has defeated a who's who list so far: 2-0 over reppie, 2-1 over Gamer, 2-1 over slabi, 2-1 over xpr, fifi is not far behind taking out delitel, LocKtar, and xpr without dropping a map. I think in the end lacsap will finally buckle under pressure, while fifi's relentless attacking and ninja skills (the ones he has been saving all this time and not using) will break through. 2-1 for fifi.

ParadokS vs lacsap/marklar
ParadokS knows he could have beaten cge. Could-haves and should-haves are the stuff of whine, but a thorough review of the demos will confirm this. Cge, as powerful as his routine is on dm6, could be ever so slightly seen to be nervous in the last couple of maps, while ParadokS had the cards stacked against him at times with the spawns, and the last map gave away too many frags in what looks like a mental breakdown. So he wants a rematch. He probably would like xterm to beat fifi, because he (I think) knows more about xterm than fifi. Either way, he will fight tooth and nail to get out of LB and into the GF, and since LB final is scheduled to be a bo5, hopefully he will avoid a mental breakdown like last time and use his experience and mental poker power. (Really, if you can sit at 10 poker tables for 20 hours a day waiting for the perfect hands, then maybe you can sit for an hour of quake and concentrate? Thanks.) 3-1 for ParadokS.

cge vs ParadokS/lacsap/marklar
I don't think xterm stands a chance against cge, sorry. Cge's biggest chink in the armor -- nervousness -- will disappear if he faces xterm, because cge has already set a precedent in dominating xterm in prac games, and that can be all that is necessary for a solid mental state. Fifi would be a tougher nut to crack, but I think if fifi continues the rush style it will play into the hands of cge's turtle style and cge will spawn-frag to victory. ParadokS might even be more spawn-frag prone, but his rush is a bit stronger than fifi's, and he has a bigger bag of tricks, so he might have a bigger chance to break through cge's brick wall of red armors, megahealths, and 40% lg bursts. Still, I favor cge to take the title, with a little bit of luck.
2008-09-12, 15:14
Lacsap vs fifi 2-1

ParadokS vs Lacsap 2-3

Lacsap vs Cge 3-1, 3-2. Shocking? Indeed, but just wait :p

Besides, saying pascal doesn't stand a chance vs cge is pretty laughable imo. They're both in great shape and they play 50/50 from what I've seen or heard.
2008-09-12, 15:18
I could be wrong(tm)
2008-09-12, 15:41
valla 3>
2008-09-12, 19:31
Lacsap is going to surprise you phil.
2008-09-13, 23:16
lacsap > fifi 2-1
para vs lacsap 1-3
cage vs lacsap 3-2

2008-09-15, 03:10
cge !!! <3
2008-09-17, 06:35
good predictions but most likely I win with wo
2008-09-17, 16:49
WTF, I talked to both of you I even emailed you both and you still haven't played?

It's not rocket science
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