Vloody  /  3 Sep 2008, 18:05
ParadokS vs Cage
The Dm6Mania winners bracket finals are upon us. The old king of The Dark Zone,
ParadokS, will be facing cge, who many claim is QW's new shinin' star and ruler of DM6, due to his smart, tactical and riskless type of gameplay. The match is still unscheduled but chances are it will be played within the next few days.

Read more for predictions from all around the world...
slabi: This one is a really easy pick for me. I have played with both of them while Dm6Mania was running. Cge seems to be the most active quakeplayer nowadays and he improved his game, but in my opinion he has nothing to surprise his upcoming opponent with. Neither his movement, aim or strategy will pose any kind of threat since ParadokS has been world class in these areas since forever. Cge is a solid player but this time he has to battle with someone who has been dominating top players on dm6 for years. Personally, I think that if cge wins even a single map, this will be the biggest suprise of the tournament. Para is going to win this match 3:0 and also the whole tournament.

Sassa: The old school player ParadokS will face up with the new king of The Dark Zone, Cage! They have the opposite way of playing dm6. ParadokS is more of a "forcing" player, that loves to get alot of spawn frags when he kills the enemy for the first time, while cge wants to have total control most of the time (the dag style). The presure is on cge. Many knew that he would have won vs griffin, and that was probably the reason griffin didnt play the game! You can talk as much as you want to but if you think someone is a lame idiot and you have the chance to beat him, you will take it, no matter who you are, as long as you know you are better. The game will be tough, but i believe cge will win. The problem that para has is that he is way too offensive when he gets a frag. He doesn't hold his position well enough and attacks too roughly, often through the teleport - the old school way, and not the new way, which is to jump to the RL tunnel. [At this point Sassa had to go, and failed to finish his prediction]

marklar (fifi): Tough one, the heart says para but the brain goes with cage. Cage plays 6-8 hours per day so he's always in shape and his defensive game is awesome. Para on the other hand probably handles himself better under the intense pressure. The stakes are so high that cage, the less experienced of the two, might not perform 100% and this is why para can win, maybe even in just three maps. final verdict, 3-2 to cage as he must have more stamina after playing 24/7.

Zalon: Even with my national feelings aside, I still believe that David is going to take this 3-0, as he is looking for a reason to retire, and he wants to go all the way - eg. reppie was just the first to go down (not that he will be allowed to retire anyway). cge might be good enough to take this, I just think that ParadokS wants it more, hell it's dm6 - it's his map, he has always been the real king of The Dark Zone.

Vloody: Cge definitely proved us he's no dm6 noob. He came out of nowhere, had no predictions going for him whatsoever, and now he's just two games away from winning the whole tournament. His tactical defensive gameplay works great for him, but i seriously doubt he'll be able to pull it off against Para. Not many players, if any, can play their default game against Para, especially on dm6. In my opinion, cge will be able to gain some kind of map control and place himself on the his favourite GL spot only once, either in the second or third game, and manage steal one game from Para, but no more. Para should win 3-1.

JohnNy_cz: ParadokS showed flawless and very fast routine on dm6 against reppie.
I think cge will have troubles in this tactical fight following the speed of the PokermaSter. My tip is 3-1 for ParadokS if cge is a bit lucky.

123: Para's got the dm6 skills, para's got the shaft, para's got the sr spawns,
para will win 3-1.
knast: Cge will just give up after some lucky spawns by para.
Results: 21:7 31:11 5:8 6:5.

reppie: I haven't watched cge play so i really dont have a clue
3-0 para.

Grump: Well, as I don't know cge, have never played him or seen a demo afaik, I would go for para just because he is a legend... 3-1 to para.

Zeppski: 3-2 to para. But i support cge ofcourse and wish him a flawless 3-0 victory because i dont like ParadokS

Bongo: I think para should beat cge as I've seen both of them playing.
Hmmz, 3-1 to para

n0rul3s: ParadokS will win 3-1. ParadokS will just hide and run, it will be easy.

anima: Para will win. I can't give you results, im not a psychic XD.

So there you have it folks, it seems like most people chose to go with the safe bet here - ParadokS. fifi and sassa however, are still hoping the QW scene will finally win its new shining star.

Hopefully commentary will be up on this TeamSpeak 2 server:
The game will be broadcasted live on QuakeTV.
You can also gamble some of your fake money @ Goldrush, as this game is now open for bets.

Good luck!
2008-09-03, 18:54
unscheduled wtf? i thought the game will be played tonight @22:30?
2008-09-03, 18:59
Nope bent, it won't. It has been delayed.
Apparently ParadokS is busy, we can all just wonder doing what....
2008-09-03, 22:01
sry, internet problems
3-1 to cge
2008-09-04, 02:34
The country code for Ireland is "ie", Vloody.
2008-09-04, 12:26
Yeah sorry Stev, the .ir(iran) flag was actually intended for sassa,
not for Bongo. : D
2008-09-04, 14:39
2008-09-04, 15:04
Go go Para!
2008-09-04, 15:09
i still love u vloody
2008-09-05, 14:59
schedule.qwdrama says it's tonight at 22:30.
btw anything else than 3-0 para would come as a big surprise to me.
2008-09-05, 15:45
2008-09-07, 11:19
Schedule it?!
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