Zalon  /  2 Sep 2008, 18:50
Trickle's VWeps - Full Package
Trickle just completed his VWeps package, it now includes all the weapons in quake, and even some extra models are available. If you watch a lot of demos or spectate via QTV don't cheat yourself for this treat - as they are really something.

Download the full package.
2008-09-02, 21:12
gg. nice seeing this on the homepage.
2008-09-02, 21:15
It's an amazing work, and thinking that it was all available, and just needed someone to use the time to put it together, it's a great contribution to beautifying our old game
2008-09-02, 22:56
It's just awesome, thanks a lot!
2008-09-02, 22:59
Well I'm sorry to be the party pooper here, but don't most players use a script that automatically changes back to boomstick right after the fire anyway?
2008-09-03, 00:04
Yes, and ezQuake can filter that out, so it shows last used weapon instead.
2008-09-03, 09:38
gotta love this. I suppose nQuake will be updated
2008-09-09, 06:18
now everyone knows that i am running around with rl in my hand
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