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Renzo  /  24 Aug 2008, 11:34
Features, features
Since the latest software releases (MVDSV/KTX) we've been adding/changing some new stuff that didn't make it to the releases. Also QTV usage has improved a bit, so let's see what has been done...
First of all, QTV usability has been improved a bit. Basically you don't have to use /CMD anymore when giving certain commands. The following commands were changed very lately:



(you can check #ID with /QTVUSERS (/CMD USERS is obsolete))

+some other fixes have been added. Server admins should probably update.

The second thing is about KTX and autotrack. We all know how bad the autotrack has been in the past but finally the bug causing sudden pov changes has been fixed. Also the very latest change was regarding predicting the powerup like in KTPro when using autotrack. So, players should check autotrack and see how it works, if it does anything strange then let us know and we'll see if something can be done.

Serverside autotrack works for both QTV specs and normal specs identically, so there is no need to check any differences between them.
2008-08-24, 12:31
QTV roxx, keep it up!
2008-08-24, 13:03
2008-08-24, 14:13
good work
2008-08-24, 14:43
seems ktx/mvdsv/qtv is getting constant development, i like it.
2008-08-25, 12:20 updated.
2008-08-26, 01:10
ruskie wrote:


Let's just say it IS getting development, but let's leave it at that (things come slowly).
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