Spirit  /  27 Jul 2008, 09:47
Doomed by Zaka
Mapping mastermind Zaka has finished a new duel map. Dressed in modified Doom 3 textures the appropiately named Doomed promises well designed gameplay just like his previous releases.
Download the map!
And don't forget the slick 24 bit textures.
2008-07-27, 11:49
That looks hawt!
2008-07-27, 12:13
indeed great job!
2008-07-27, 12:20
Oh my! Downloading right now
2008-07-27, 12:32
nice map seems on some parts a bit like aerowalk otherwise other parts seemed a bit ztndm3ish to me... in the end a nice map ^^
2008-07-27, 16:04
thanks. map can be found atleast on the following servers (thanks renzo and marshall): - 28008 - 28006 - 27503 - 27503 - 28508 - 28504
2008-07-27, 18:33
Played a few matches today and i really like the map, i hope allot of rookie matches on this one during ignition
2008-07-27, 20:40
yeah I'm in love with it already... cmon people, learn it!
2008-07-28, 13:37
I jumped around and playing prewar on the map a bit yesterday and I otherwise liked it but it felt quite "small". Not the actual size of the map but more like that the roof was too close so you could hit with every rocket, and the areas between those "upper levels" were "tricky" and quite tight to fit in. Got the feeling of a prewar bouncing around when trying to imagine the way it would work in the actual game. Otherwise I think the map has a really nice layout and should be quite balanced. I would hope to see a version 2 of this one with a little bit more space around everything, little bit bigger floors between the upper levels and a little bit more height between the ups and the roof. (Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's bad or anything like that, one of the better maps of kenyas I've played but could imo be perfect with minor tweaks)

Marshall: This map ain't included in Ignition since it was not an option when we chose the maps.
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