Zalon  /  14 Jul 2008, 00:07
Third season of Ignition
The third season of the QuakeWorld rookie tournament; Ignition, is now open for signups, the average reader of this site might not qualify for the signup, as most of you probably have too much experience with the game. You might however know someone who hasn't played in a long time or someone who has never tried out our beloved game before. So if possible try and get your irl friends or your former WOW guild members to sign up for this tournament, as what the prior seasons have shown, they will have a blast, and it will help get new blood into the scene.

Also, if you visit other gaming sites on the web, please help by spreading the word of this tournament.

The signups are open the next 2 weeks! - Ignition Website
2008-07-14, 11:13
Rookie tournament nice! Of course I'm not sure why they have tb5 in such a maplist:

2008-07-14, 11:49
I think they should have the nice looking version of q3dm6. Would maybe make some q3-players more familiar. Infact i think 'we' should include more maps that are known from/in other games. Aero and ztn r good examples that good duelmaps work well in different games.
Maybe some cpma/pk/q4 map if there is such.
2008-07-14, 12:19
Wasn't Lundm1 some kind of cpm map? I really like that map and imo it has the chance to become something close to the "new ztn" in time..
2008-07-14, 13:58
agree with #2

and THIS IS THE TIME to advertise ignition in non-qw sites! NOW! PRONTO! AHORA!
2008-07-14, 14:22
yeas. spread it everywhere now it's only on esreality and on the fragbite forum
2008-07-15, 07:27
How do you know who is the average reader? We have 2000 users, you say that at least 1000 of them do not qualify for rookie tournament?
2008-07-15, 07:56
the average user is not the average reader...

2008-07-15, 08:01
Well, atleast so far - noone who left a comment qualify
2008-07-15, 08:37
I do !
2008-07-15, 12:22
so who's queer and doesn't send tips to other esport-sites?
3 done and 1000 to goo.
2008-07-15, 13:54
i've posted in a portuguese gaming forum
2008-07-15, 14:56
one more:

I sent out several letter already. As I see ignition in the news on those site-s also, then I will post them too
2008-07-15, 15:30
Added here
2008-07-15, 15:41
Everybody with an account on digg please digg this, and if you don't have one register and do the same.

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2008-07-15, 15:48
i posted here:
and in a german forum:
2008-07-15, 16:08
i have a good feeling about this, keep up the tempo :
2008-07-15, 16:32
lol ruskie.. do you really think anyone on Digg apart from us really care about QW?
the gaming articles are littered with console games and bad ones as well

only way to convince anyone to participate is to write in the title: Ignition - QW tournament (prizes in iPHONES!!!!!!!)
2008-07-15, 18:24
or play it on iphone!
2008-07-15, 20:05
2008-07-15, 20:46
I realize that the site has the same crowd as, but having the tournament on QWDrama probably wouldn't hurt? :p
2008-07-16, 13:45
Ake, can't write there without drama, so Eizid has to diss the noobs and admins etc and make a nice banner for the article >
2008-07-16, 15:15
on a hungarian e-sport site:
2008-07-16, 19:08
Nice, finally a new site.
2008-07-24, 19:00
Looks great, very nice header image! I added Ignition 3 (IG3) to schedule, add your games there or message an admin in #qwdrama if you want your games open for bets.
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