Zalon  /  16 Jun 2008, 15:22
DreamHack Summer - Final
The Final for the DreamHack Summer QuakeWorld Tournament starts at 18:00 CEST, and will be broadcasted from DreamArena.

- The game is over
Bronze game being played right now! - Watch with qtv

Shown on DreamArena Live Stream!
DreamArena (Commentator: Phil)
QTV Overview

DreamHack Final:
(3-1) demo LocKtar vs. Riker
-DM4: 28-20
-DM6 20-15
-DM2: 14 - 20
-ZTNDM3: 41 - 10
2008-06-16, 20:52
I recorded the stream but ended up with a pile of poo. It's an .ogv Ogg Theora file with Ogg Vorbis audio. It runs at super high speed and sound does not work. That's what you get if some shitty closed-source octocunt software is used for streaming. Bleh.

Commentary was super awesome. Thanks a lot!
2008-06-16, 21:03
Luckily i recorded it too
2008-06-16, 22:16
Congrats LocKtar, finally won after years of routine
2008-06-17, 09:21
Congrats locktar and great coverage lads.
Well done and fair play on a job well done.
2008-06-17, 09:40
well done fake-dennis!
but losing dm2? tss tss...
2008-06-17, 15:07
I don't care much for duels, but the great commentary made it worth while. We'd need something like that for every big game. DH's videostream was also good, though I don't like the idea of having to download some strange app to watch it. Too bad level of the games probably wasn't as high as it could be, since the best duelers weren't there.
2008-06-17, 15:16
yea nabbe razor and para would really make it top notch
2008-06-17, 18:59
can someone upload the commentary pls
2008-06-17, 19:06
Upload the price ceremony. I missed Rikers shoutout to my mom.
2008-06-17, 19:38
blAze, yeah more live commentary would be nice - but for it to be possible the players would have to be more serious about the game, and help the organizers with scheduling the games. As it is right now (i'm not just talking about the summer period) it's impossible to organize good coverage as half of the time we don't know when games are gonna be played, and even if we know, we can't be certain that the game is gonna be played at all. 1on1 is better for live coverage as you only have to get 2 people together - 4on4 is nearly impossible.
2008-06-18, 16:59
Is the stream available for download somewhere? Zalon you have it recorded?
2008-06-18, 22:14
gr8 zalon, care to share it? =>
2008-06-18, 22:42
that audio commentary seems to be a must-download. is it only recorded in the videostream with game sounds or does someone have it clean?
2008-06-22, 23:31
Kul o se, grattis locke
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