sassa  /  12 Apr 2007, 15:27
cMF vs SR Tonight
Clan Malfunction vs Slackers - The annual brawl that we all love and look forward to.
These two opponents epitomize everything we love about the great game.

Last year they faced each other in the NQR9 finals which cMF won 3-2 however Slackers on the other hand won the EQL4 group games after a few hours of whine.

Honesty, camaraderie and sportsmanship are not words that you would normally associate with a cMF vs Slackers fixture. However tonight might perhaps be different, but.....I doubt it.

Now time for some predicitons, cams and interviews.

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Clan Malfunction

Have just got Reppie in their squad.
They have had some ups and downs, like loosing 2-0 to AQ in eql!
Losing angua and replacing him with Reppie, leaves them with 4 hardcore attacking players, fix, fifi, hlt.

Players: fix, fifi, hlt, reppie.

Now time for some questions to Fifi

#1 Facing your #1 enemies Slackers again, how important is tonight's game?

fifi: we treat it like it was the final of the world cup

#2 What will cMF's lineup look like, will there be an angua?

fifi: we will most likely use our 2nd-best line-up, hlt-rep-fix-me

#3 Who do you fear the most about slackers and why?

fifi: para of course, one of the best (if not the best) qw-players ever who has nerves of steel

#4 Any comments to slackers before the game?

fifi: hmm, i wish them really good luck because they need it



Launched a new project by creating a second Slackers team, SrII.

They were badly defeated last night vs. DAG however they were without the influential Insane.
Their game plan depends on him starting.

lacsap (Xterm) will give Slackers another dimension to their game and now with 1 season with more mm3 practice they will have an edge on cMF.

Have only lost 1 map in both nqr/eql this season and that was on dm2 vs Freedom (without Insane)..

No comment from Slackers. [16:12] <@ ]SR[krab> para is sleeping

Players: Paradoks, Murdoc, Insane, lacsap


Sassa's prediction: Slackers will win 2-1 or 2-0, SR is definitely a favourites to win.

Bps prediction: cmf is hotlooking, but not enough to beat the sr-spawnmachine

TheChosenOne's prediction: CMF's dreamteam will overpower the teamplay of Paradoks' padawans.

Hooraytio's prediction: I would have to go for a 2-0 win for SR in this one, mainly because they prac alot more than CMF and have a more consistent lineup

Razor's prediction: Tough one but I think/cheer that cmf will win, and with a very close 2-1. Keyplayer: FIFI


The game starts tonight (Thursday) at 21:00 CET but we might have to wait until 22 before the game can commence.

Potential cams: Or just click here

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2007-04-12, 15:44
> fifi: hmm, i wish them really good luck because they need it
they've found the right attitude! and I wish you the best of luck tonight, cMF.
2007-04-12, 16:06
i wish best of luck to cmf
2007-04-12, 16:13
2007-04-12, 18:26
I wish the best of luck to cmf
2007-04-12, 18:42
I wish the best of luck to cmf!
2007-04-12, 21:52
Game is over and online on EQL site:
2007-04-12, 22:30
thanks razor and tco ;D
2007-04-13, 12:27
Go -Kraol- but I think cmf Win =e , so gl and hf for all
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