phil  /  18 May 2008, 21:42
Ztndm3 showdown has begun
The Ztndm3 tourney is live! I have been able to coax and cajole a number of high profile players to participate in this awesome one-map tourney. And some others have remained steadfast in not wanting to play... fear! (Link to main site.)

Read more for predictions...
Russia has a dominant position in terms of sheer numbers of signups, but we also have many many other countries represented. Not many people know exactly how strong any of these players are on ztndm3, least of all myself. So I guess I am as qualified as anyone to make some predictions

From the Czech Republic we have Flamer, JohnNy_cz, and cuky. Flamer and Johnny were the finalists from the last Czech duel tournament, as far a I know, but I'm not sure how hot their ztndm3 is. Top20, maybe?

From Denmark we only have Zalon, because ParadokS "doesn't care about my tourny". Sniff Zalon is busy making the best it could possibly be, so that's the only thing hurting his chances to practice ztndm3.

From Finland we have bandit and Medar, everybody else in that country is bored of winning everything? Medar for top20. Gamer and Milton for topfear. JK

From Germany we have amanappl, senft, olo, cloned, and cyrax. I thought olo was polish? Olo has some hot skills, top15 for him, the rest could be really good too, I just don't know.

From Hungary we have Jon Snow, miku and bent all of whos skills I'm not very familiar with. Where is Milamber

From Ireland we have Stev and BlastastiC, no idea about either of these players strength on Blood Run. Where is koopa

From Luxembourg we have soma, now this guy could probably win (hehe), or at least get top5/10. Smart player on this map from what I've seen before.

From Netherlands we have murdoc and Kwibus. Murdoc for top5/10, he has hot skills and is one of the most active players lately. Reppie not participating because he wants to take a break and because he is really scared of losing JK!

From Norway we have Jaco and Leop0ld (why no arnette?) and also Drugs-Bunny. I think Drugs is the strongest, but maybe the other two can show some skills? Drugs for top15.

From Poland we have Thunder and -leon-. Just because -leon- has the hgc hyphens, he has to be at least top10! No Avenger and no Insane make me sad in pants

From Portugal we have mushi, nosfer4tu and norules, these guys are portugal quake players for life Mushi for top15, and the other two can be really skilled.

From Russia we have the biggest field by far. Right off the bat, contenders for the top10 would be VVD, xpr, B1aze, witka, Irvin, Zepp, Bulat, Unreal, bbk (bublik?), and Paranoid, and maybe SS. The others are miller, Ozverin, qqshka, Man1aC, x3m, and ass, whos skills I don't know. Almost half of these guys can get #1, #2, #3, so who knows what is going to happen? Maybe I'll make Grand Finals best of 7

And finally (I'm going by alphabet here) from Sweden we have ruskie, molgrum, fog, bps, Kreuger, apokalypze, mawe, LocKtar, the second biggest field. Again, top10 contenders are bps, apok, mawe and LocKtar, and I would not discount the other guys simply because they are swedish

2008-05-18, 21:47
Oh ye, ass = delitel (I think)

Then he is in top10 contention also.
2008-05-18, 22:02
Let's try that again. :/

The site code for Ireland is ie, not ir.
2008-05-18, 23:35
HEHE ups...
2008-05-19, 06:42
Tournament added to schedule, so if you want your games to be open for bets, add it to schedule and i'll add it to Goldrush.
2008-05-19, 12:31
Any normal link to the site?
2008-05-19, 13:00
phil ftw!!
2008-05-19, 15:26
I meant NORMAL link.
Not link to table without ability to browse site.
2008-05-19, 17:37
2008-05-19, 20:07
woops, good point!
2008-05-21, 10:34
!phil, can't i join? i was supposed to sign up yesterday, but was to late..
2008-05-21, 11:57
bonez ( also asked about his joining to the tournament
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