Zalon  /  7 May 2008, 19:01
Bronze Final - Fian vs QK
The Grand Final of the NQR11 Bronze Cup - Nafianna vs Quakeklan

Read more for information on how to spectate the game.
The game has started!
nafianna vs quakeklan
- first map: dm3 (149 - 156)
- second map: e1m2 (226 - 177)
- third map: dm2 (157 - 152)
- fourth map: dm3 (148 - 169)
- fifth map: dm3 (184 - 88)
The game has ended

See the NQR match report
Download the demo
Download the commentary pack

Commentator: Kryddturken
Server: - use Teamspeak

QTV (use this to sync with commentator) - Overview

Qizmo cams:

How to spectate?
If you are using a newer version of ezQuake, it should be possible just to click the links above.

Spectating via Qizmo
Watch QTV with older clients

This post will be updated with information if anything changes.
2008-05-07, 20:28
whats the score???
2008-05-07, 21:18
congrats to all *

thumbs up for the commentating
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