Zalon  /  4 May 2008, 21:07
Week3 of the NQR11 Playoffs!
All results from the third week of the NQR playoffs, bundled with demos and match reports!

Gold Cup 3rd place decider
(3-0) demo - Star Alliance vs Suddendeath

Silver Cup Grand Final
(3-2) demo - Bear Beer Balalaika vs Chosen

Silver Cup 3rd place decider
(0-3) demo - Oblivion vs sega gubbar

(Click score to see the report)
2008-05-04, 21:35
way to go zalon
2008-05-04, 22:55
hehe thx mushi, just wish i actually had time to write something about the matches too
2008-05-04, 23:17
nice job! is it possible to get the commentary also (if its recorded) ?
2008-05-05, 00:06
I have the full commentary by phil from the SA - SD game. I only have the first 2 maps from the 3b - csn game, they overlapped... :/

Dunno if anyone recorded commentary for the the whole game?

I'll try to get an mp3 up from the SA-SD game tomorrow when i get home from work.
2008-05-05, 02:56
its the csn-3b game im interested of
2008-05-05, 09:38
yes! make the commentary available
an advice: i always have a "hard" time syncing the commentary with the demo (i always sync based on the "3, 2 ,1" said by the commentator. it would be nice if the mp3 had a beep or something when its 10 or 11 seconds from match start. that way we could start playinh the mp3 in windows, then go to ezq and go to demo menu and PLAY when u hear the beep (the 10 seconds are for the countdown -duh) just an idea
2008-05-06, 16:08
I want those first 2maps from csn-3b final!
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