Zalon  /  29 Apr 2008, 20:07
EQL7 Summer open for sign-ups!
In just 12 days, the EQL7 - Summer edition kicks off, so wake up your clanmates and tell 'em it ain't time for their summer vacation just yet! And get your team to signup for EQL7.
The new EQL site is open, and so are the signup.

On the site there is a news post about the upcoming season, and you can find the update rules page.

To help rookie players find a clan, The Teambuilding Initiative is resurrected for this season, read more about this in our forum.

For other players who aren't in a clan I recommend that you take a look in the Transfers section of our forum. Clans who are looking for players should post there too.

So what are you waiting for? Go signup now!
2008-04-29, 20:58
You gotta love the qw-scene these days. Another league is planned and intitiated before the last league has ended. Nobody gets paid to do it, yet the effectiveness is unparalelled. Happy eql7. Good work eql-staff!
2008-04-29, 21:41
2008-04-30, 03:49
im still skeptical about how the activeness will turn out to be over the summer ... i have quite a bad feeling at the moment
but hey if its gonna suck you can always take it as a test for the real season in autumn/winter..
i will be on the lookout for a div1-2 team myself just to stay in touch with my beloved qw community
looking forward to another eql!
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