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Renzo  /  28 Apr 2008, 23:47
ezQuake 1.9 stable release!
ezQuake 1.9 stable has been released earlier today. It contains lots of new features and important fixes and QTV related items and the stability has been improved.
You can download the new release from ezQuake homepage.

I recommend reading the changelog and the ezQuake newspost.

I also recommend reading the upgrading part if you haven't already done so with the 1.8 releases, it contains really important instructions.

You can also continue on reporting bugs or requesting features as always.

Well that pretty much sums it all up. All I can say that this is a preferred release and everyone should update to it as soon as possible.
2008-04-29, 08:00
2008-04-29, 12:20
I've been looking forward to this!
2008-04-29, 14:53
luma textures still override normal textures
2008-04-29, 15:06
unfortunetly you are right Aquashark
2008-04-29, 17:41
But this is a great update! I'll continue reporting bugs, there are still some bugs around but everything looks more than decent.
2008-04-30, 14:14
does ezquake need a security module anymore?
2008-04-30, 14:38
AquaShark: Please help us squish that bug by contributing to the already existing bugreport
2008-05-01, 15:11
What about mouseinput?? Using same cmdline, same cfg makes my mouse feel awkward in 1.9 compared to 1.8.3. Reacts totally different, 1.9 is unusable for me because of this :/
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