sassa  /  11 Apr 2007, 18:15
Ownage 1on1 finals
The anticipation is over.
Ownage 1on1 final is waiting for us on Sunday night 20:00 CET.

Gamer vs Xalibur will face each other in a thrilling Best of 5 that can be twice as long if Xalibur wins the first bo5 round.

Now time for some predictions

Not his strongest map, but he can sure the cs tricks and know what to do and when.
He has beaten the cs-king seese in his own style.

Almost as good as gamer but lacks abit in the cs department but got on the other hand some Locktar attacking skills.

Sassas prediction: Gamer


Has grown through this tourney on dm4, probably the map were he has advanced the most.

One of his best maps.
His LG can master any opponent in the World of QW.

Sassas prediction: Xalibur


Never had the chance to face the current master of Dm6, Mutilator, but he is like all top players, good timing and predictions.

Mutilator beating him with only 1 frag, Xali hates to loose above everything else.
Dm6 is his best map, he wont loose this one.

Sassas prediction: Xalibure


Gamer is king of kenyas, only lost aerowalk to lbn, but the ping might made him loose that game, he wont do it again and now with much better ping.

Not that good on Aero, he is above average and abit more, but not among the elit.

Sassas prediction: Gamer


Strong here, beating Seraph, fifi among others

His Kenya skills will go up in test, this is were the game will have its winner

Sassas prediction: Gamer

Sunday 20:00 CET

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2007-04-11, 21:14
if i follow my rule "always bet against sassa", that means xalibur will win and I will lose all my goldrush money
2007-04-13, 22:33
its usually safe to bet against sassa but I think he is correct here. 3-1 or 3-2 gamer. I cant see xalibur winning any kenyas and gamer knows how to cs on tb3.
2007-04-15, 13:38
jogis predictions
sassa will be wrong :>
2007-04-15, 19:11
was only wrong about dm4
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