Zalon  /  27 Apr 2008, 19:15
KOFF vs SD Semi-Final
The NQR11 Gold cup Semi-Final featuring KOFF vs Suddendeath is starting now!

Read more for information on how to spectate the game.
The game has started!
- first map: e1m2
- second map: dm3
- third map: dm2
The game is over

See the NQR match report
Download the demo

QTV - Overview

Qizmo cams:

How to spectate?
If you are using a newer version of ezQuake, it should be possible just to click the links above.

Spectating via Qizmo
Watch QTV with older clients

This post will be updated with information if anything changes.
2008-04-27, 19:26
gg nqr admins with only 64 spec spots, welcome to Q2
2008-04-27, 19:27
Ridicules to have a gold cup semi-final played on a server that doesnt support QTV.... great going guys
2008-04-27, 19:36
8 maxspecs and 2 cams isn't really great either
2008-04-27, 19:38
Blame the players, not the admins. Sportmanship with fans in mind is something else.
2008-04-27, 19:39
Spirit, yeah exactly, i'm not blaming the admins....
2008-04-27, 19:51
I have to say that this is THE WORST thing that has happened in a while. How very stupid it has to be to play on a server that is TOTALLY outdated (over 2 years old server software, nice going, I wonder if it has the proper toggleable settings like spawns enabled, not that anyone would care I guess) and that it doesn't support QTV at all.

Now all the spectators who know whats best for them have to watch laggy and shitty qizmo cam and there are even problems with the amount of speclots! (how many of you missed the first round, heh (<-sarcasm)).

This is totally unacceptable. It's 2008 already, have your shit together. (yes, I'm annoyed)
2008-04-27, 19:59
Yeah I agree it's pretty stupid. I talked to the Suddendeath guys at 19:45 and asked them to arrange a server with KOFF asap so we could get cam situation under control, elect an admin, etc BEFORE all the specs and players come. They were all like "okay np!", but they didn't actually message us with the IP until exactly 20:59:13. I just double-clicked the IP they gave me, and wow, all spec slots full already, all players there already. And I didn't even know it didn't support QTV at that time. =|
2008-04-27, 20:32
sry for my first comment soma and nqr admins!

Damn it, I hope this wont happen during the finals
2008-04-27, 20:32
soma: we was supposed to play on but it lagged .. so we took the best server for the players not the specs..sorry about that..
2008-04-27, 20:33
we got 2 options. Play on with 15pl or play at csn without qtv... Try to update the server or fix servers so we can play without 15pl. Dont blame the players.
2008-04-27, 20:35
sassa wrote:
Damn it, I hope this wont happen during the finals

Not going to happen. tVS vs koff will be played on either suomicom or troopers so it's guaranteed to have QTV capability and those who want to bother themselves with Qizmo cams there are 4 slots for them.
2008-04-27, 20:36
2008-04-27, 20:48
90 people on Qizmos in the middle of the 2nd map and the same in the middle of the 3rd map. Let's see if QTV can beat this.
2008-04-27, 21:55
Well don't get me wrong m0lle and ok98, I can understand you picked that server. In the end, the priority should be that the players can all play on the server. QTV and spec slots are the second thing to worry about, not the first thing.
What bothered me was that I only got the IP when all 8 players were already on the server and all spec slots were already full. I messaged you guys over an hour before game-start to prevent exactly this from happening.
When SA played vs tVS, they cooperated really well and told me the IP 15 minutes before any of the players came to the server. So I went there early, got myself elected, messaged IP to the cam people I had selected, etc - and once we were all set, the players joined. That's how it should work in the future too.
Well... next time.
2008-04-27, 21:55
Well there was 145 specs for the tVS vs SA game, where as 65 of those was using qtv, i guess the last 55 of those didnt bother with the cams :/
2008-04-28, 06:45
fail :<
2008-04-28, 14:22
blown out of proportion a bit, but yeah, take home message is:

if you have to play on a server with no qtv, please make 100% sure that the tourney admins get on that server beforehand and set up all the cams so others can spec!

this is actually a testament to how awesome QTV is, because I think the players simply forgot about the way this used to be done in the "old days", and are now spoiled where all the "cams" are automatically taken care of by the qtv mega-cam <:
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