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Happy Birthday, QW.nu!
I doubt many people remembered this, but today it is actually 5 years since a team of dedicated quakeworld players launched a small news site that eventually evolved into a broad network of subsites and ended up working as the main hub to the modern quakeworld scene.
Much has happened on the quakeworld scene since that day in april of 2003, when we (the first members of the crew) were staying up late to finish the very first edition of QuakeWorld.nu, and I'm proud of all the things that we've accomplished, both with our involvement in some of the major scene projects and with all the different types of coverage we have done throughout the years. Of course if you look at the list of subsites and projects QuakeWorld.nu had at it's peak, then the current state of the network is only a shadow of what it used to be, but I feel that we are now again on the right path.

We recently acquired a new dedicated server where we will be able to not only host the main site and it's subsites, it will also make it possible for us to bring back some of the old "lost" subsites, including the greatly missed Map Archive. The fun doesn't stop at that, with the bandwidth and resources we get with the new server we can once again do quality live coverage of matches, both as an audio stream and audio bundled with video.

As the motivation of the relatively small crew of active news writers is not as it was at one point, we will soon launch a campaign to get some new blood in the crew, and everyone is of course very welcome.

Okay, enough about the future, now it's time to celebrate the past, I've been working hard trying to dig up and recreate old news posts written years ago, and I now have a working database of the very first year of updates posted here on QuakeWorld.nu, I wont give it all away now, but you can expect to hear about our predictions for the 3rd season of Duelmania, the NQR4 playoffs, interviews with the stars and some of the drama polls that ended up changing the game experience!

This is what was posted as the very first news item, 5 years ago:

Paradoks wrote:
New QuakeWorld site launched!
Finally we are launching the long .. loong awaited QuakeWorld 'portal'. It didn't quite start out as I first hoped for, but nevertheless its a great beginning.

The news script is working, so is the vote poll. This means we will put up daily news to keep you posted on latest thing in QW, and also make some old post, that deserve to go via our page =) The page is loooong from done. It will be developed during summer, and we will add some nice things, which should be useful for visitors. Among things I can mention a neat server browser, a permanent qw-master, columns, reviews (movies and demos?), a comprehensive file section and lots more. The time span on all of this, depends of course on webcoder(s), and people behind this freelance project.

We decided to work on this, since we thought there was really a need for this kind of site. Tons of ideas can ofcourse be mentioned. Better presentation, and centre of hosting for map texture maps and models.

But we are slow, so have patience. But do stick around to follow up on the ongoing development, and news flow.

The crew at launch included Apollyon, Paradoks, sassa and Zalon. Eter bought and donated the domain and Shadow did the design for the site.

To be continued...
2008-04-02, 23:12
Uh all those late nights that followed
2008-04-03, 01:04
first blog ftw

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2008-04-03, 15:46
happy birthday, happy-happy birthday *claps hands*
qw.nu <3
2008-04-03, 18:34
congratzzz 8)
2008-04-03, 23:29
\o/ \p/
2008-04-03, 23:31
feels like yesterday!

Keep it going!! you have almost lasted 1 year without me
2008-04-04, 06:55
2008-04-04, 10:37
5 years, cool.
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