Ake Vader  /  25 Feb 2008, 15:21
Quakeworld.TV available
To ease the workload on our brains a bit i have now registered and forwarded it to the QTV website which is located on the fairly tricky address Enjoy!
2008-02-25, 15:44
2008-02-25, 15:54
you complete me!!!!!
2008-02-25, 16:15
And I thought getting better search engine ranking. Would be more reasonable to use something like or for that.
Also, why not make it properly "point" to the server so people keep in the address bar?

2008-02-25, 16:40
I just wanted something that's easy to remember, and intuitive.

It doesn't properly point because i'm lost with DNS stuff.
2008-02-25, 18:24
feature request: i'd like to see the /qtvplay url (eg. listed at the site next to the regular ip. thx
2008-02-25, 20:02
Not quite correct place to ask for feature requests, is for that.

However, you can see the SID from the QTV page when pointing the "watch now" button and if your browser actually has status bar/address bar enabled. For example:

-> SID = 35 -> like you described.
2008-02-25, 20:30
Hm, a "proper" point doesn't seem possible as long as the port is included in the address i want to make an alias to. Or maybe i'm doing something wrong...
2008-02-26, 00:16
This is a great thing, no need google for the qtv anymore(+qtv +suomicom). Cool to see people still making things easier. Everyone could have googled earlier but this is way it's more easy.
2008-02-26, 02:10
How about typing /topic #qtv on Quakenet? You don't even have to be on the channel to do this (#qtv is not private/secret channel that could prevent this).
2008-02-26, 12:03
Didn't even know qtv had a channel but nice tip thanks.
2008-02-26, 19:44
perhaps you don't have irc and you still want to be able to find the website quickly.
2008-02-28, 10:16
this is gj! i didn't even realize "" was a permament thing, i thought it was only used for competitions.
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