phil  /  19 Feb 2008, 22:28
1on1 ladder
Spurred by a forum thread, and fueled by some free time at work, I slapped together a quick back-end for a duel ladder site. Eventually, it should get integrated into the main site (the one you see right now). For now, please test the interface here.
Of course, if there are no bugs, you should start using using it as a sort of "prac database" of your 1on1 games! That means start Right Now The only rule is that you cannot challenge someone ranked lower than you. However, if you really want to play them, just msg them on irc or something to see if they would challenge you. This rule might be dropped later.

And of course, uploading screenshots (to make sure the backend works fully) is encouraged!
2008-02-20, 00:18
am I already leading this thing since I'm at the top? awesome..
2008-02-20, 01:08
the inaugural match has been played :> the players with a number have an actual ranking, the rest (with "-" are sorted by last qwnu login :>
2008-02-20, 01:27
hmm i actually thought about something like that recently.
but i dont know how its going to work in qw.i mean it should be some kind of spontaneous thing , right? i wanna play a duel -> gonna challenge someone...but how do i know who is up for a game now or atleast on that day?i dont want to schedule some "stupid" 1on1 ladder match a few days before we would need some kind of system that indicates whos up for games.
its a good idea tho , cause fun-duelling got kinda dull after after 10 years while serious duelling (atleast for some ladder points!) is still fun for me.
and the full integration into is nice aswell.we could have the top10-list always shown in a tab.might be a motivation for some players..
2008-02-20, 01:51
yea spoinka, would be nice to make a 'ticket' that's active for let's say 30 minutes and in that timezone people can click 'challenge spoinka' and play right away
2008-02-20, 02:00
good ideas

what i can do is have an "online now" thing so as long as you are browsing qwnu/forum, someone can challenge you, and you get notified about it straight up

you can always user serveme to see who is up for a game, set up the challenge, and play :> it's not THAT hard, but if I could write a php script to read your mind spk, i would
2008-02-20, 08:28
1on1 ladder = <3 <3 <3 phil
2008-02-20, 09:25
How about encouraging people to play vs better players and that way become better themselves in time by having some kind of skill level system. The best have like skill level 1 and rookies 5.

Maybe something like this:

Equally skilled will always get 1x points.
If a higher skilled wins vs lowered skilled, it will be 0,75x points always.

L5 wins vs L1 = 3x
L5 wins vs L2 = 2,5x
L5 wins vs L3 = 2x
L5 wins vs L4 = 1,5x

L4 wins vs L1 = 2,5x
L4 wins vs L2 = 2x
L4 wins vs L3 = 1,5x

L3 wins vs L1 = 2x
L3 wins vs L2 = 1,5x

L2 wins vs L1 = 1,5x

What do you think?
2008-02-20, 09:29
Thank you phill! this is really nice!
2008-02-20, 11:14
what about open challenge?
Like, you can play right now if any1 wanna play
2008-02-20, 11:58
add vdm3v3 to the list plz?
2008-02-20, 13:27
how do I cancel a game?
2008-02-20, 14:06
click "cancel"

if your opponent already accepted, you can't cancel. i'll fix that later for now you can just tell me which one to cancel, and i will do it manually in the database

keep all the ideas coming, i will be implementing most of them

b.t.w. fog, i will implement an elo system, which is sort of what you are talking about for more info see here
2008-02-20, 17:15
elo implemented

right now, it takes frags into account, so a blowout loss/win is worth more points than a single-frag game
2008-02-20, 18:31
will this ever be sorted by north america/europe?
2008-02-20, 20:35
I hope it wont be devided into areas of the world
2008-02-21, 02:18
Is the results supposed to be a secret or are there plans for official reports/demos too...?
2008-02-21, 12:52
ljuglampa what do u mean
2008-02-21, 12:58
that was a bit of a mystery for me at first too but you can click 'closed challenges' at the left .. there you see all played games (as long as you ticked 'show all') and check out scores/screenshots/possible demos
2008-02-21, 13:03
Consider some "dueler of the week" award, something that helps keep the ladder alive.
2008-02-21, 17:33
the maps at the moment are:
dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk ztndm3 rwild skull and vdm3v3
2008-02-22, 00:56
am I blind or something? :| when I click challenges and then check the "Show all challenges" I just see a list:

02/21/2008: ruskie accepted jOn's challenge
02/21/2008: ruskie accepted soma's challenge
02/21/2008: soma accepted LocKtar's challenge

no reports or such
2008-02-22, 02:41
yeah i fixed that it was misleading before

just click history and you will see it
2008-02-22, 08:50
How about a povdmm4/end/outpost ladder???
2008-02-22, 09:35
2008-02-22, 09:38
Yeah, like it's the same ladder, but 5 columns with the maps and toplist on each map?
2008-02-22, 15:31
Multiple ladders sort can be done, but I think there needs to be one definitive ladder.
2008-02-22, 16:11
cant see #1 now
2008-02-22, 16:12
#4 #12 14 etc are all gone
2008-02-22, 22:12
that's because they haven't been online in the last 24 hours. just pick all players in the drop down list.
2008-02-23, 04:06
This is the coolest thing I have seen happen to quakeworld since I started watching the scene 3 years ago. Great work phil, it makes me want to play again!
2008-02-23, 18:40
my only problem with Fog's point system is ( but unfortunatelly that not affects me ) that the better players will be on the top of the ladder just when they play more than the rising stars. and i feel a little bit unfair when a far better player than me is on a lower place.
so i think that the best would if we separate the players into divisions on the ladder. but there's the chance to wander between the ladders. for example if a player reach in his own ladder one of the three first positions and can hold it in a row after 5 or 10 battle he can climb up into a higher ladder. but if somebody places on the last positions and can't climb upper after 5 battles he would fall down to a lower ladder.
in this way a batter player would be always higher than a weaker
2008-02-23, 23:51
I want all in same ladder!!!
2008-02-25, 15:08
#30 exaggeration of the decade, but thank you
2008-02-25, 15:13
jon, fog

all of your concerns should be taken care of by the elo system currently in place. in each elo match, the number of points a winner gets is equal the the number of points a loser loses, so its a closed sum system. furthermore, if a high ranked player plays a lower ranked player, then the amount of points the higher ranked player gets if he wins is very low compred to if the higher ranked player loses, in which case the points payout is very big in favor of the lower ranked player.

this motivates lower ranked players to improve by not penalizing them too much for a loss to a favorite, but awarding them with a lot of points, and it motivates higher ranked players to play each other, instead of lower ranked players, because they get less points in the latter case.
2008-02-25, 15:35
sounds perfect to me!
2008-02-26, 06:41
add ability to write comments for reports pls with same login/pass ofc
2008-02-26, 13:02
xpr, if you upload demo you can comment, otherwise you cant!
so upload demos on your games so people can watch and comment for
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