pleuraXeraphim  /  7 Feb 2008, 12:19
Frag of the week
Now lets face it....

Not all of us will get to star in a Duelmania final making the crowd go ooooh and aaaahh in sheer delight as we pound the likes of Reppie or Gamer into submission with wave after wave of awe inspiring frags.

But every now again we all pull of a moment of pure genius and think to ourselves, That was an amazing Frag. God wasn't I great there.

If so then......
..... why not enter then it in the Frag Of The Week Competition over at


There are easy instructions on how to convert your demo into a video clip and the lads at qwdrama will provide any assistance if needed.

It makes for some fun viewing for the rest of us especially when at work and there are always some fun/stupid moments that happen in games worth sharing. So when you are playing this week and you Quad bore and kill all your team mates or you single handedly Axe murder all the enemy team, well then remember to submit it for the FOTW.

Now I haven't quite managed a Golden moment myself yet but its coming any day now and when it does I will not disappoint you. You will be mesmerized
2008-02-07, 13:21
promoting qwdrama on quakeworld.nu...... DRAMA

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2008-02-07, 13:48
good job pleura, it's never a bad idea to remind players of this great feature/site.
2008-02-07, 14:13
2008-02-07, 15:29
what mushi said
2008-02-07, 15:54
2008-02-07, 15:57
Well spoken mushi.
2008-02-07, 16:36
2008-02-07, 16:41
totally agree
2008-02-07, 17:04
everyone do it, even if it sucks like my current entry :pp
2008-02-07, 17:09
I like your current entry fern. If more people entered then I would not be as bored at work :-) Also Mushi for QW president. Spoken like a true leader :-)
2008-02-07, 17:43
2008-02-07, 19:52
If even three kills with one grenade isn't enough to get betting money then what ?
2008-02-08, 11:41
at least 4 flepser, sorry about that =/
2008-02-08, 18:45
as always the news in qw.nu is a couple of months behind qwdrama
2008-02-11, 10:00
Hagge: This isn't news, just a reminder of that qwdrama is running FOTW and that anyone is free to participate regardless of how good you are. The best/funniest FOTW submissions are mostly submitted by fairly unknown players.
2008-02-11, 10:39
Thanks Xanthom. It was indeed just a promo as its a fun competition and not every one is aware of it. Sorry for boring you Hagge :-)

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2008-02-11, 18:20
I was just trying to create some drama like always :-)
2008-02-12, 11:07
ooops Sorry Hagge. I should have guessed :-)
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