pleuraXeraphim  /  1 Feb 2008, 16:20
QW News Weekly Round-Up
The latest news is that the Division 1 final of the EQL between

The Viper Squad v's Firing Squad

is planned for Sunday evening. Make sure to keep an eye on QW Drama Scedule for confirmation.

As for the Rookie Division for NQR11. Well things are looking good at the moment despite a shaky start. Currently we have the following clans signed up:

Mob of Oddballs
Cosmic Background Explorers
Na Fianna.b
Fallen Angels
bloodpunch (Depending on NQR admin decision)
and it is anticipated that Comfortably Numb will sign this weekend.

Latest additions Storviks Hjältar

Click read more above
As for sign ups in general to the NQR. Well despite a very slow start there are now 41 clans signed up. This is down on other seasons but there is still time left before the sign ups close on Sunday.

Also this weekend in the Quake Nations Cup
We have the following fixtures:

02/02 - 22:00 - Russia A vs Poland B
03/02 - 20:00 - Sweden A vs Sweden C (not set in stone yet)
03/02 - 22:00 - Poland A vs Russia B

For more information then check out the QW Nations Cup website.

For QW Rookies you can sign up for a clan here

And for a 4on4 Rookie team play guide check here

Also on the
QWDrama Wiki (Thanks Mushi)
2008-02-01, 17:13
good info
2008-02-01, 17:45
Its nice to hear that FS got a walkover against us and the admins didn't even bother to take 3 seconds to tell us that. hf in the final.
2008-02-01, 18:05
Euro flag for Comfortably numb, yet again
2008-02-01, 19:30
murdoc: it has been more like "admin" for the last 2 months... and i told some sr guy about it and i got the impression that he will tell the rest of you guys. So that's why I haven't been on your channel shouting about it ok?
2008-02-02, 09:43
mur , you didnt give a shit about the game when we asked you to schedule it.so dont pretend as if you care now
2008-02-02, 13:40
who said i cared? i only said that the eql crew could bother to say that fs got walkover to any of the SR1 players ( i am online almost everynight ) and second of all why can't the semi's be delayed a bit more as the whole tourney got delayed for months, it was not possible to get 4 players since paradoks didn't have internet and dragon has ping 100 + 20 pl.
2008-02-02, 13:54
Well there has also been .qw about it.. and it's been a while in topic @ eql.qw where quite many SR members also hang around after I've removed the bans somebody put there. So should be easy to spot. And yes I could have come to your channel and talk about it but since nobody contacted me either I didn't really think you would give a shit (even about knowing that the wo was given). And the deadline for how long I'm gonna watch Div1 delays was until the NQR season starts...
2008-02-02, 15:14
well i have been banned by sassa from eql channel for months so didn't bother to try to join anymore, just like 90% of the other sr players.
2008-02-02, 16:16
2008-02-03, 12:01
so eql
2008-02-03, 13:17
Have seen lots of you guys hanging around there lately. And afaik I've also been on #quakeworld , #qwhelp , #qwrookie , #nqr , #qwdrama so I don't understand why it's so hard to contact me anyways... This is just whining because of having something to whine about isn't it? Instead of whining try to join as admin in that case and help instead?
2008-02-03, 15:07
i talked with all sr1 players noone knew about the wo, only the sr2 players so inform the right people next time. And why should we contact the eql crew? ask everyday if someone got w.o. against us that just stupid.
2008-02-04, 00:26
Maybe in case you have so f*cking connection problems and other shit and can't play?
2008-02-04, 10:01
Isn't Sassa an EQL admin? "owned" isn't exactly professional admin behaviour, neither is the aggressiveness from this Itsenin guy. I'm not up on the history of all this, but it stinks of pettiness to me.
2008-02-04, 13:38
blaf: ye he is a admin, but he has not been active during the playoffs. And I'm not trying to be aggressive, just trying to get out the point that I'm the only one running it atm and I don't have time to make any "special" things here. Have done the same with every clan that has just "done nothing" so the point is.. WHY something special for in this case Murdocs team? Specially if they didn't even care to say that they wouldnt have enough players to play the game and it could have been WO earlier. So they were just wasting other peoples time and then they WHINE about us not giving information... This is that kind of crap that makes beeing an admin so sucky.
2008-02-04, 14:20
Not sure of the full details surrounding this particular match but the way I look at it is that games have a deadline. If a match is not played by this deadline then the onus must be on the participating teams to make contact with the admin's. Not the other way around. Admins cant keep chasing people all the time.
2008-02-05, 19:26
lol are you serious? eql and deadline doesn't not match in the same line. eql has been a joke from the start and sure i respect that you put alot of effort in the playoff stuff and no whine about that, only point i wanted to make is why an eql admin didn't bother to contact any of the sr1 players isn't to much to ask is it?
2008-02-06, 01:04
The question is that what do you really want except whine? I'm thinking the same way as Pleura and I know the regular season was a joke (considered other seasons) and playoffs got lots of delay (does anybody know if Premortem is still alive?) because of the updates on the pages we were promised. After that I've taken care of all that has had anything to do with the playoffs and tried to solve all kind of problems there were etc. And if I remember right I already confessed I could have done things another way but do you really need a babysitter for you guys? You are the only ones complaining and you should know by now that there's nothing that will change anything, so why are will still talking about this?
2008-02-06, 10:05
Lads Instead of this discussion going on and aimlessly, which wont really help anyone.
Why not express your concerns on this thread Best way forward thread

Slackers obviously are not happy with some things which is fair enough but why was there no suggestions made in that thread.
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