phil  /  4 Jan 2008, 12:40
QHLAN 1on1 update
First, the news. Groupgames for 1on1 are scheduled to finish in about an hour, by 1400 local time. Then registration for 2on2, and then the 2on2 tournament itself will begin around 1500. Then, at 2100, the playoff brackets for 2on2 and 1on1 are scheduled.

Second, the drama. Gold A group turned out to be the most competitive, as noone is undefeated. ParadokS has lost to phrenic, but phrenic has lost to mazer and then mazer lost to ParadokS. Raket and Milamber have not practiced as much as I hoped them to, so I wish them luck in the 2on2. But phrenic is S.O.L., because even if he wins his remaining game and is tied for 2nd place at 9pts with mazer, the tiebreak will be in mazer's favor due to him beating phrenic.

Gold B has Locust as king, undefeated but dropping two maps (not DM4s, I hope). Bps edges out his teammate ok98 for the 2nd place (only top two advance). Mogge did manage one map from loc, but thats going to be his greatest accomplishment for the 1on1 tourney. Cpe rounds out the group, and his little polish squad must have a 2on2 team ready to Avenge themselves!

Gold C is the Reppie group, and he is undefeated there. He dropped one map to mawe in his very first game, so it is possible to chalk that up to "first map is warm" syndrome. Mawe is second, his only lost maps are to reppie. Inferno has also not pracced as much as I wanted him to, and therefore he is in 3rd, with m0lle and tom in tow.

Finally, Gold D. Razor is undefeated here as well, only losing one map to nabbe. You guessed it, nabbe is second (although I would have predicted the tables to be turned here; it seems razor is in razor sharp form!) Goblin has 2 more games to play, including one vs nabbe, but even if he wins that one 2-0 I don't think he will have enough points to advance. Orion and zero have not been able to shine as they would like, and that is due to hungary being so bloody far from Stockholm. Jetlag, mate, jetlag.

The Silver division has been very exciting, especially for me as a participant. lfx , goniec and 1tsinen look hot there, although zalon and lethalwiz only played 1 game out of 5 so I hope they wake up soon. The next group has Medar and ncr leading very comfortably. Then the third group is quite smaller, with pooll and Sajko advancing. The final group is exclusively swedish (the only such group of its kind) and there it is willgurht and ruskie in the top 2.

So the playoffs for the Gold div look something like this: ParadokS, mazer, locust, bps, reppie, mawe, razor, nabbe. The silver div is not finished yet, but it will probably be something like: 1tsinen, lfx, Medar, ncr, pooll, Sajko, willgurht, ruskie. But all of that can change as more games get played!
2008-01-04, 15:13
nabbe ftw
2008-01-04, 22:38
Go Mawe go Mawe!!!! ^^
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