Ake Vader  /  24 Dec 2007, 11:37
A merry christmas to all of you!
It's the 24th of December and even if christmas eve might not be as anticipated for most Quakeworld players now as it was 15-20(?) years ago it's a perfect moment to chill out with your relatives and recharge those batteries in time for the next year.
Santa clause might soon be knocking on your door, so make sure not to have too much of the snaps or whatever beverage you might be drinking!

The Quakeworld.nu staff wish all inhabitants of the Quake world out there, no matter if you celebrate christmas on hohoho.bsp or not, a merry merry christmas and a happy new year!
2007-12-24, 14:47
Thanks guys!!! I wish the same for for all quake maniacs !!!
2007-12-24, 17:33
merry christmas and a happy quadrun
2007-12-24, 21:52
24 Dec 2007 @ 13:37 by se Ake Vader , 13:37 ? ? WOOOOOT!!
2007-12-24, 22:21
Merry christmas everyone
2007-12-25, 11:32
bah! humbug.
2007-12-25, 17:04
merry x-mas people <3
2007-12-26, 00:06
Happy Christmas everyone
2007-12-27, 18:36
happy festivas
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