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ParadokS on the Wire
Carmac from the GGL Wire sits down with "legendary David Alexander Larsen" in this live interview from Dreamhack Winter. They talk about his long QuakeWorld career and how it is to be a star player in a small community, and what he thinks about eSports in general.
Apart from talking about the QuakeWorld scene, ParadokS also gives his thoughts of who is the best QuakeWorld player of all time, don't miss this one, as some of you might be in for a surprise when you hear his answer.

Watch the 1on1 interview on GGL Wire
2007-12-15, 16:19
2007-12-15, 16:34
Nice interview, good to get some exposure.
2007-12-15, 16:38
did u have any haters?
2007-12-15, 16:50
great answers para!!
what a great interview, I really liked this + the best player ever answer was extremely good )
2007-12-15, 17:23
Great answers, fun interview.
2007-12-15, 17:29
I would probably have answered Pietro!
2007-12-15, 17:42
Great interview. Really honest and good answers.
Good luck with your poker but never leave QW.
2007-12-15, 18:38
nice answers to such an awful interviewer that asks the same question (or a small variation) about 156 times..
2007-12-15, 19:16
gg dr.larssen
2007-12-15, 20:25
Such a nice guy gg
2007-12-15, 20:31
nice interview
2007-12-15, 20:31
go and lay an egg aquashark!
those questions where really good.
2007-12-15, 20:41
great inerview!!
2007-12-15, 20:49
whats was that place ? in a warehosuse ? did saddam hussein get killed there ?
next time get a real place with sponsors in the background...

great interview btw!!
2007-12-15, 20:57
my guess is that he choose that place, instead of the Quakeworld tournament area for example, to both fit the camera stuff in there and to avoid noisy people and so on. Would've been nice with a more appropriate place though. :|
2007-12-15, 23:14
Well done Para.
Many answers given in an ominous past tense...
2007-12-16, 02:35
what an excellent interview. i have to say i agree on everything para said. the whole part about the history and the community was almost touching.. lol. gg!
2007-12-16, 12:29
cool interview
2007-12-16, 12:58
nice interview by para although not carmac's best performance. but having talked a couple of days consequitively with para i can understand that anyone can become intimidated para has a very straightforward way of socializing, which quickly neutralizes the bullshit portions of anyone hes talking to. which incidentally works great while rushing in quakeworld, or playing poker
2007-12-16, 18:09
Great interview and good answers. I especially liked the part about QW being the most difficult game to master and that playing other fps-games is a waste of talent (which is totally true). Good job ParadokS!

"would you call those guys .. PUSSIES?"

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2007-12-17, 07:17
Great answers indeed. Enjoyed watching that a lot!
2007-12-17, 12:41
That soma enjoyed watching it a lot makes me a bit scared
2007-12-17, 14:19
Awful interviewer indeed but great answers. Thanks Paradoks!
2007-12-17, 15:02
Hagge finding it scary that I enjoyed watching it a lot makes me a bit... ermm... curious?
2007-12-18, 10:46
btw, where are the demos from qhlan?
2007-12-18, 12:58
demos, and videos that was broadcasted?
2007-12-18, 17:08
oh, i meant dreamhack ofcourse.
2007-12-18, 19:02
Congrats para ^^
2007-12-18, 19:02
There are no demos from Dreamhack.
2007-12-18, 23:48
really good post by Thorin @ ESR

Nice to see this individual in the spotlight if only for a moment, shame he has to be asked the same question over and over in slightly different wording each time like it was a police interrogation trying to break him.

Learn how can oldies like ParadokS still rock the game, why QW players never moved on to the other Quake titles and how a 1996 game compares to 'e-sports'-labeled titles like Quake 4 and World of Warcraft.

Fuck me that's a real tough one, maybe Hope I didn't just blow any minds there. Hard to understand why someone wouldn't change the game they play for fun instead of purely for more money/fame...

Nice pick of candidate since its unlikely anyone else is going to interview him in the streaming era but jesus could we have some more questions about him/what he does in-game as opposed to trying to mindfuck him into some kind of guilt complex?
2007-12-20, 00:44
Awww, that was some sentimental shit right there... back in the day, para basically announcing his retirement, nominating Dag as the all time best (don't really disagree).

Para brought up eztv as a big accomplishment towards spectator friendliness. Unfortunately when it comes to qw, that friendliness mainly helps those that actually play the game qw is simply too hardcore for more casual spectators methinks

Even though it seems very quiet in the scene besides qhlan / lgc, this was worth coming to again Great representation Para!
2007-12-20, 22:09
Well done paradoks.
2007-12-21, 23:22
Not a bad interview, lasted 12:55 but didn't feel that long, which is always a good sign.
Would have been nice to see a few more areas covered (what makes QW so great, maybe a bit more background on Para for people who don't know him, what do you see in the future for QW....)

Slightly sad to see Para pretty much dismissing the scene in terms of how few players there are, how little competition there is, how elite players are not being replaced by newcomers etc.... it doesn't really paint QW in a great light. But then I don't really follow the scene that closely any more myself and maybe this is simply the truth.
2007-12-22, 22:44
Yeah and it's your fault HangTime!

Nah the scene ain't that bad, it's just para whining about the div0 part, where everyone is sitting in a corner waiting for the other div0 players to start playing, before they will start themselves.

In the other divisions there is enough activity. It's just div0 drama
2007-12-27, 00:11
interviewer was boring :/
paradoks gave good answers tho
2008-01-02, 23:23
interviewer was really an idiot
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