Renzo  /  29 Nov 2007, 20:23
Dreamhack QuakeTV coverage
To make it simple and visible, I create this news item for the QTV on Dreamhack servers. You can follow the matches from here:

Update: use commands like /qtv_buffertime 0 and /qtv_adjustbuffer 1 to get rid of the lag when chatting.
2007-11-30, 11:02
2007-11-30, 11:41
How do I watch QVT?
Please tell me it streams without a qw client
2007-11-30, 11:51
It doesn't, you need a fairly new version of ezQuake in order to use it. If you aren't familiar with the benefits, here's a brief explanation though:

* It's always connected
* "Unlimited" spec spots
* You can watch all POV's
* Requires less bandwidth
* The QTV server page enables easy viewing of who's playing atm. The "Watch now" buttons opens a *.qtv file, which you are supposed to open with your ezQuake-gl.exe or whatever, and then you'll be thrown right into the game as a QTV spectator.

In short: this is top notch stuff compared to what other (recent, at least) FPS gaming events can offer in terms of in-game coverage.

If you have a friend or so who wanna watch, just guide them to and have them google for "pak1.pak +index of" and they will soon be set.
2007-11-30, 11:59
Would be great if there was a stream of the games like was done before so we could watch without qw client. Would love to watch some streamed qw games while at work
But QTV sounds great all the same.
2007-11-30, 12:45
You can also use:

qtvplay 1@
qtvplay 6@

With your client. That number (1 or 6) is the last part of the "watch now!" url. Basically it is like this: is ID 1 and is ID 4.

Regarding streaming without a client... dunno. At this time QTV needs a qw client that can stream MVD data, therefore only FTE and ezQ (latest versions of course) are able to do this. Making and streaming a video from the server is something else and I can't even start thinking about QTV doing something like that, not at this point at least.
2007-11-30, 15:12
im with pleura on the whole stream so i can watch from work!
2007-11-30, 16:34
get latest ezQ from here:

(need it to watch through eztv)

Unzip/unrar the file from the archive, rename it to ezqgl2.exe and copy to your quake installation directory.

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2007-11-30, 17:30
get the latest and rename it to eztv.exe and put it in your quake folder and open the links with that
2007-11-30, 17:37
to take away most of the delay in the chat have this in your config before connecting:
/qtv_buffertime 0.1

for autotrack use: /demo_autotrack 1

everything else can be found in the menu or #ezquake #qwhelp
2007-11-30, 17:46
to connect to each eztv link in quake use this:
/qtvplay #@

the # is from 1-6
2007-11-30, 17:52
nickname problems: change nickname before you connect to eztv
2007-11-30, 18:13
open the .qtv file with your eztv.exe file that you renamed!!!
2007-11-30, 18:40
how do you turn off spec's chat and watch the duels in peace... please god?
2007-11-30, 18:44
yes that would be a nice feature, one that i frequently used with qizmo-cams. half the specs of any match seem to be there just to run their mouths, not to enjoy the hot qw action :|
2007-11-30, 19:05
thnx for the input!!
2007-11-30, 19:47
Thanks for the input? Isn't that something from QTV's team to say?
2007-11-30, 19:49
If people have ideas of find bugs, time to use the trackers!!
Open bug report or feature request right away (you don't have to register to do so):

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2007-12-01, 10:31
how does the chat work anyway?
2007-12-01, 14:10
2007-12-01, 15:21
heh. i downloaded the latest version but for some reason it is now using textures and sounds from a pak file i used ~8 years ago and didn't even know i had anymore...
where did it get that? is it checking zip files now maybe?
2007-12-01, 15:24
the files were called _pak2.pak and _pak3.pak. Apparently this version now picks them up whereas previous versions don't.
2007-12-03, 07:44
in the new version you can name your pak files anything you want, without adding them to the paklist, so thats why
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