sassa  /  4 Apr 2007, 14:06
Eb, head of Duelmania
In the end of December, Shame announced on the Duelmania-forum that Duelmania Reloaded Pt.2 has been canceled.

Now, 4 months later, I got hold of the head of Duelmania the past years, Eb for an interview regarding the past, present and future.
You have been head of Duelmania for several of years, what do u think about the current leagues running?
Well what can I say about ownage... They got the DuelMania rules and the DuelMania website
just with a different label on it... so it must be good.
Also it's nice to see a 2on2 league going on. Didn't really keep an eye on it yet,
but so far I like the division names. :>
EQL is quality anyway which is due to 4on4 being my favorite mode of playing QW by far.

Have you heard about King of Tuesday Kenya that I (sassa) run?
Great, fresh concept. I myself am a one-trick-pony with my beloved dm4,
but I always loved to shoot some rockets through some new maps.
Imho it's exactly what QW needs.

What about todays maplist in 1on1/2on2/4on4 ?
Well as far as I can see it, it is the same as it ever was.
Slowly but surely it gets a bit boring.
Also the analogy <mickey_mouse>but chess is also played on the same field every time!</mickey_mouse>
is quite far-fetched.
Can't be bad nowadays to show some guts as a tournament admin and introduce some new maps.

When will we see next duelmania event, we <3 u!
Whoa, I guess I won't let me nail here, since I pretty much fucked up the planned Duelmania Reloaded pt.2.
I had a stressful time in december last year and had to turn my full focus on some other issues.
Luckily there were people like anni and spoink that filled the gap with their ownage tournament.
Long story short: I don't think that I will run any tournament anytime soon.

What do you think about QW's current status?
Three months ago or so, I had the feeling that QW really reached the zenith of its idleness.
The servers just weren't visited anymore, except for league games and the overall mood in the community
was a bit sleepy. I didn't spectate any games yet, but I visited IRC and got the impression that
there's some new activeness around. Way2go! =)

Descibe your feelings towards jogi
Words cannot really describe my feelings towards jogi.
After my last conversation in IRC with jogi,
son told us that we should rent us a room. ;<
Nuff said.

Who do you most dislike in the QW-scene and why? (tell me the drama)
Hum, hard one. Can we skip that?

What ppl do u like the most and why?
Apart from my bestest pals (: that I was lucky to play with over the years,
I mostly take to the finnish players.
I like their smooth approach to quakeworld with their smiley spamming
and overall friendliness while performing first-class.
If I should name'em I'd just would say KOFF and CMF.

Describe your feelings towards vertigo
I guess you are opting for some drama, but I have to dissapoint you.
Actually it was fun working with him and discussing the various issues
that come up when running duel tournaments.
In principal what the QW scene is using right now as duel-format
is in big parts done by vertigo, drugs-bunny, racersnigeln, shame and myself.
So, it was a fruitful collaboration apart from all the personal discrepancies
that vertigo and me had. We are just so extremely different type of guys...
One totally conservative and the other one kinda altruistic.
Who's who I leave to your imagination.

Who do you want to interview next and why?
There are some interesting people in the scene right now.
Although I stayed away for a while I regularly had a look at the ownage website
and was kind of surprised of the performance of lbn.
Or the upcoming ufa superstar exile.

Thnx for the interview, any shoutouts!
in die hose!!!!
2007-04-04, 14:42
omg ebstink0r!!!! DDDDDD
2007-04-04, 14:53
gimme duelmania tb3! >
2007-04-04, 17:09
eb, share your PHP skills with the crew, something nice could come out from that
2007-04-04, 17:19
stinky :>>
2007-04-05, 09:21
omg its eb B<<<<<
2007-04-05, 10:11
love you man
2007-04-05, 12:25
cheers man 8}
2007-04-05, 12:41
interesting read
2007-04-06, 12:09
ebz0r :E
2007-04-06, 13:12
2007-04-06, 21:18
Eb is a great and humble person, which his comments about his role in Duelmania underlines. To be exact, there wouldnt be Duelmania/Ownage at all, unless Eb hadnt spent COUNTLESS of hours to build a giant database and website for the event. Eb IS Duelmania, if we exclude the early founders Sleiv and Supa.

We parted our ways with Eb from Duelmania after a fierce conversation. My outlook was 100% biased by my overflowing enthusiasm towards the game, which rolled over alot of my genuinely good ideas and opinions. But then again, it was years ago and time has this weird ability to put things into perspective.

I was really glad to see there still was ppl who believed into the concept Eb created. Duelmania was truly a success and Ownage was a success. This means the whole concept will be a success as far as there will be people around to preserve it.
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