Ake Vader  /  21 Nov 2007, 22:33
A scent of blood hunger...
Deadly_sp has released a new map called Blood Hunger Doctrine (dspdm6) which gives you quite a vibe from the environments found in the first person shooter Painkiller. After some beta testing, this map is now available for download for anyone to try out.
The last couple of days our espanian friend Deadly_sp has been busy working on his map called Blood Hunger Doctrine. During the making of this map you can see that he has been inspired by the first person shooter Painkiller, that was developed by a bunch of ex Quakeworld players from what i know, and it looks promising to say the least.

In the forum Deadly_sp has received quite some feedback on his map and people seem to like the idea of a map that looks somewhat like a slaugher house.

On the official Blood Hunger Doctrine page you can read more about the map. If you feel more comfortable by staying within the domain then i suggest you visit the Blood Hunger Doctrine thread where Deadly_sp receives feedback and shows off quite a few screenshots from the map.

From what i can see it looks like a fine piece of art to say the least.
2007-11-25, 18:37
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