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Quakeworld tourney at Dreamhack!
The AMAZING news is here!
Quakeworld got an own official tourney at Dreamhack. The total prize money is 25,000 SEK (~$4000)! It's a 1on1 tourney, groupgames -> singel elemination, with 32 slots . There will be 32 reserved computers at dreamhack for the tourney.

The fact that Quakeworld gets it's own tourney, at the world's largest computer festival, means loads of promotion for the game. There will be over 10 000 people at Dreamhack this winter!

Sign up:
It's free to play the tourney if you have a seat some where at dreamhack! But if you don't want to pay 750SEK ($115) for a seat, you can pay 150 SEK ($23) to rent a reserved Quakeworld computer! If you want a normal seat there is still tickets for sale at Dreamhack Tickets.

To sign up you write a mail to with the subject ”DreamHack QuakeWorld Anmälan” / "Dreamhack QuakeWorld Participation".

The mail should contain
Phone(cell phone).:
Qualifications (more fair seed):
And if you want a Quakeworld computer seat.

Everyone who reported their interest before, have better chances to get accepted to the tourney! Anyways everyone who wants to sign up, need to send a new mail!

You have to play the games at the reserved computer seats. (Not at your own computer).

#1: 8 000 SEK + 4 000 SEK in stuffs
#2: 4 000 SEK + 3 000 SEK in stuffs
#3: 3 000 SEK + 2 000 SEK in stuffs
#4: 1 000 SEK in stuffs
10 SEK = ~6.5 us dollar

Time: 29 nov – 2 dec
Place: Dreamhack - Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

I hope all "star-players" take their chances to get famous!!

Dreamhack news

EDIT : Need a ride to DH? forum
2007-10-26, 18:44
2007-10-26, 18:56
looking forward to spectating this event
2007-10-26, 19:10
Cool. Whats the format of the comps maps etc ?
2007-10-26, 19:19
pleuraXeraphim its coming later... not decided jet..
2007-10-26, 20:36
2007-10-26, 20:41
Great news!
Someone should tell dag..
2007-10-26, 20:52
tell griffin, dag, reppie, razor etc etc : )
2007-10-26, 21:25
2007-10-26, 21:26
reload now's your chance!!
2007-10-26, 21:27
and for the love of god please use EZTV with web integration.. that would absolutely rock
2007-10-26, 21:28
my comment gone?
2007-10-27, 02:23
great news!
someone set up a fly-up2-to-sweden-from-california fund please
2007-10-27, 07:41
2007-10-27, 12:20
any good players going? =(
2007-10-27, 16:31
Concerning the general rules i think we don't need to worry about that as they will probably use the Duelmania rules. They now know that anything else hasn't been considered the standard for the last 10 years or so. :p

It's another question when it comes to the non-byoc issues though. :\
2007-10-27, 17:34
and for the love of god please use EZTV with web integration.. that would absolutely rock

Let's see if we can do something about that
2007-10-27, 19:43
bit of an issue there i agree Vader.
2007-10-27, 20:58
Still, what we gain from it outweighs the issues (exposure and a kickass tournament)
2007-10-27, 23:33
=) \o/
2007-10-28, 09:07
might say somewhere on the webpage, but is the tournament played over 3 days, or just one or two of em?
2007-10-28, 09:47
oh joj nice \o'
2007-10-28, 21:43
The fact you can hire a tournament computer for $23 should make this a bit more appealing for foreign players I'd guess.

I presume you get to bring your own keyboard, mouse, headphones and USB key full of hac^H^H^Hconfigs, right?
2007-10-28, 21:44
zomg, wheres DAG?
2007-10-29, 08:51
but seriously for fucks sake some div0 player has to go there :<
2007-10-29, 09:42
does it really matter if any div0 players come? any div0-3 player will look like god to a non-qw player.
2007-10-29, 10:19
Crazy amazing... Im actually thinking of going there just for promoting qw.. But i would have to learn dueling then
2007-10-29, 11:11
I'll go if the qw tourney is held on a weekend, and riker and lacsap are probably going as well.
2007-10-29, 11:15
nice valla & co! I'll be there aswell
2007-10-29, 11:51
i might come as well if ruffnux or grisling can drive me there in my car
2007-10-29, 12:07
reppie wants to come too but he has problems with finding a ride, someone help him
2007-10-29, 12:41
join #dreamhack.qw
2007-10-29, 17:05
\o/ im coming too \o/
2007-10-29, 17:15
2007-10-29, 18:02
nice one, seems like some good players are coming then afterall!
go and show them the best game!
2007-10-29, 18:42
woohoo! Great to see that some topplayers are coming over.

Oh and woohoo great that quakeworld gets the attention it deserves. What kind of game survives 13 years? Allready read about a lot people that installed qw just coz there is an tourney at dreamhack. Nice work Ake Vader as I believe you took the initiative!
2007-10-29, 19:22
"Nice work Ake Vader as I believe you took the initiative!"

Actually i have nothing in particular to do with this other than encouraging people to sign up and show interest in the tournament. It's the Dreamhack crew we should thank for this, and the players who signed up of course. Loads of people in the scene deserves credit for keeping things running etc, both tech wise with server mods and clients, websites and stuff, but also with news reports on e-sport sites and what not.

Let's hope admins of other big LAN tournaments check out the QW tournament at Dreamhack and notice that there are some heavy stuff to be found within this superb game. I'm of course going there, if there are any spots left :S, but i need to sort out taking days off from work etc before i pay anything.
2007-10-29, 21:23
Ake Vader, me and you have always had a dream about qw at dh ,. but as u said.. it was the dh crew that just random got the idea : C
I think this could be a start of something good, lets hope :X
2007-10-29, 22:04
Guys, please make this one hell of a tournament so there's another one in the summer. I really want to go but this winter is impossible due to school (lack of passport and time for preparation as well)
2007-10-31, 02:15
This is phantastic news! Someone must ensure that the big screens use a tasteful selection of graphics and sound, so that the prospective qw players' minds, narrowed by the amazing graphics of current games, don't reject quake as nostalgic or antique. Among other flaws(q2,q3,q4 the 'quad damage' tourney at quake-con presented the game in its 10 year old form! complete with 8bit low res textures and 8bit 11khz sound and the original particle effects.
2007-10-31, 12:31
I dont know if it has been mentioned but when I went to Dallas we were not allowed to bring CFG's. You had to write out your config in the consol. This of course was not in QW but Q3 but they are quite funny bout you loading anything onto the computers in big tourneys.
2007-10-31, 17:42
It seems that this won't be the case cause one of the admins is Lornelin (niceguy and mastermind for the most (all?) qhlan's) So i really hope that won't be the case. I mean comeon quakeworld without every config looking nice in it's own way??!
2007-10-31, 18:33
2007-10-31, 18:46
hot news
2007-10-31, 22:04
Serox, at qcon, players were allowed to load up their configs. Basically all commands were allowed, but not a single modified file outside of that ;{
2007-11-02, 22:21
Use purplehaze's particle effects for spectators
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