Zalon  /  5 Oct 2007, 16:00
QuakeWorld tourney at DreamHack?
Our beloved old game might make a surprice appearance at this years winter edition of DreamHack, please read on to see what you can do to make this happend.

The largest computer festival in the world, hosted in Jönköping in Sweden, has announced that they might have a QuakeWorld tournament at their next event! They just want to make sure that there is enough interested players, who will be willing to attend, before they make it official.

It has however not been made publicly known, what the minimum required contestants for hosting the tourney will be.

As this is something that could give QuakeWorld a lot of publicity, I urge everyone who is considering going to DreamHack to speak up, and report their interest.

Here is what you will have to do, send a mail to with the following information: Full Name, Nick, City (Country), e-mail, phone number (cell phone).

Read the official statement (in swedish)
2007-10-05, 16:01
2007-10-05, 16:05
2007-10-05, 16:15
I have hereby expressed my interest in attending this tournament by sending that mail. <3 I realize it's harder for those of you who don't live here though with such scarce information. :|
2007-10-05, 16:25
Any chance for a sponsored trip?
2007-10-05, 16:25
Zalon, he was talking about the screenshot I quess.. :p
2007-10-05, 16:36
Ah, yeah now i get it
2007-10-05, 16:46
I must stress this: this might turn out to be the best tournament in years for Quakeworld if enough people show their interest and attend. Even if there's just a slight chance you're going, then please send that email anyway as you might change your mind depending on what's revealed from the DH crew.
2007-10-06, 11:24
im in
2007-10-06, 12:17
Me too! Lurifix too!
2007-10-07, 08:30
Great news! This might just make me attend DH for the first time in my life. Regarding the player model in the news piece: I think it's made out of cardboard.
2007-10-08, 07:25
When will it be?
How much it cost (in euro or US dollars)?
Its BYOC or they can rent computers?
2007-10-08, 10:14
B1aze it depends on how many participants who wants to show up
2007-10-08, 12:29
blaze the tickets for dh is sold out...!
Ticket costed about 72 euro.
2007-10-08, 16:56
Dreamhack isn't sold out according to the seat map. There are even seats next to eachother left in the esport hall (c) and they will release more of those tickets (the greyed-out ones) when more people sign up.

Don't hesitate to send that mail if you have the slightest thought about going as more interested people = bigger reason for the DH crew to make it a kickass tournament.
2007-10-08, 17:48
B1aze wrote:
When will it be?

Opens at thursday 29th of November and lasts for four days.

B1aze wrote:
How much it cost (in euro or US dollars)?

As Godis! said, 72 euro. It's kinda steep, yep. :| It's the world's biggest LAN though and is quite an event nowadays with loads of companies on the venue and many tournaments arranged.

B1aze wrote:
Its BYOC or they can rent computers?

For now i'd assume it's BYOC but we will have to wait and see i guess. If enough people sign up, maybe they will consider making it a non-BYOC tournament. What do i know...

B1aze wrote:

1on1 only for the official tournament afaik. We will have to wait for more information, but i'll of course suggest to them that they use the common Duelmania ruleset with the common five maps.

We will just have to wait for more information unfortunately. I think it's safe to say that the tournament will happen though, but how much resources (in terms of prize money and other similar issues) they will put into it is still uncertain. I think it will be a very good event and would like to see more QW players embrace it.
2007-10-08, 18:04
bug fojji to sign up.. he'll raise the interest for QW sky high!
2007-10-08, 19:14
fojji for president!
2007-10-10, 16:09
I just talked to the Xonic (the guy in charge of the tournaments at DH) on the phone. He's considering a 64-ppl non-byoc tournament with prize money (dunno how much though)
It sounds like they'll go through with the tournament as long as there's a fair amount of good players.

If anyone's interested in admining, commentating or otherwise helping out with the tournament, contact me and I'll hook you up...
2007-10-11, 14:13

the possibility of the tournament being non-BYOC based is very good news. This significantly increases my chances of participating - all I need to do is grab a flight from Stockholm! If it turns out to be non-BYOC, things will be much easier for everyone, and it will probably result in more participants.
2007-10-14, 21:10
I will have a meeting with xonic monday evening partly about the qw tournament, so I'll know more after that. I should also have news about QHLAN 11 on monday or tuesday night (we got a tip on a new venue that seems very promising, gonna follow up on it tomorrow)
2007-10-18, 08:42
2007-10-22, 11:15
yeah, i wanna know!
2007-10-25, 11:53
update us, Lorn
2007-10-26, 17:25
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