Renzo  /  2 Oct 2007, 16:29
1500 users on Quakeworld.nu
It took some time but finally Quakeworld.nu has reached the amount of 1500 registered users.
So we are still growing and I'm hoping we'd get new players among the way. Of course it will be somewhat rocky way for the newcomers but I'm sure they can handle it as we endured it too back in the day.

Also it's nice to see such an old game is still going on so good. There is nice number or teams in EQL and NNQL and some people are trying the new kenya tourneys as well. Perhaps it's time for yet another rookie tournament soon to see if people would be interested on playing QW too.

2007-10-02, 16:58
cool.. we surpassed DMC central
DMC = Deathmatch Classic, a mod for Half-Life that is basically a clone of QuakeWorld

had no idea people still play that, until today :/
i spammed a link with nQuake here, so don't bother
2007-10-02, 17:47
1500 users... nice
2007-10-02, 18:03
lol, i knew about DMC before but not that it had that "many" players. Why play a bad copy when you can have the lovely, flourishing original?
2007-10-02, 19:40

I actually liked DMC, I thought it kept the originality of half life (such as it is a qw mod) while having a nice faithful as can be conversion of the maps. well, I only looked at dm6 to be sure

but yeah, if you have to pick, its obviously qw over dmc
2007-10-02, 20:19
can anyone make a graph displaying the amount of users on qw.nu since the start? then we can see during what periods we get the most users
2007-10-06, 13:15
Aquashark nice post! well done
2011-10-15, 15:44
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