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QuakeCon Semifinals and Videos
QuakeCon Quad Damage 2007 tournament has reached the semifinals and I will give you some information about the upcoming semifinals and how it went for our two QW players there Kovaak wiki and Thump4 wiki.

Our QW players:

Thump4 wiki
He was first accused of cheating when he used a pakfile that gave him skins for the players that was obviously illegal, thats utterly crapp and you can read more about it, in Ake_vaders-QuakeCon-Update.
When that problem was solved he played the 1/16-final vs plop and won.
He now had to face DaHang, that is one of the favorites of winning QuakeCon Quad tournament and Thump4 lost, dunno if it was close or not since the QuakeCon site is ever worst than the previous QHLAN Tourney sites.

Kovaak wiki
The American Gangsters wiki player crushed dkillone in the 1/16-final round and was off vs Fox (Fojji) wiki in the 1/8-final.
QW: Kovaak wins it (dunno scores)
Q4: Fox wins it but could go either way from what I heard
Decider, Q2: Fox wins this and is through to the Quarterfinals


Toxic (Toxjq) wiki vs DaHang
Toxic has played in a top QW 4on4 team, Ice Climbers wiki but that was a long time ago, and I have watched him playing QW the past weeks because of this tournament and he wasn't really any good in QW, I would say he is better than DaHang and PURRI. He would have gotten a spot in the Ignition tourney for Rookies if he wanted, he is _that_ good in qw.
My Qw prediction:
Aerowalk: Not a rape from Toxic but still a 10 frag win
DM4: This is one hardcore QW duel map and a hardcore rape from Toxic.

Fox (Fojji) wiki vs PURRI wiki
Both Fox and Purri have been in #qwrookie the past days talking to the helpers there about different tips&tricks on the QW maps.
Fox got so good that he could master both the DM4-fall-down-trick and the Aerowalk-jump-to-ra-in-2-jump-without-rj.
Purri was trying to learn QW but didn't have the fast paced quality of learning that Fox had.
Fox and I had some conversation before the QuakeCon tourney about his love for qw, it was in his opinion the best game in the series and he loved the technique, fast paced action and the community surrounding him in #qwrookie .
He asked me to take away some demos of him including where he beat paradoks wiki (and inferno wiki) on dm4 and when he raped Purri due to cover his skills from the Americans.
In return I asked for an interview, that he will give me once he wins QuakeCon Quad Tournament, yes he will win it.
My Qw prediction:
Aerowalk: If Purri can hold Fox away with his RL he might only loose with 10 frags, if fox gets the upper hand quickly, we will see the biggest rape ever in a QuakeCon semifinal.
DM4: Fox has it all, he loves the map and the game and will set some new records in frag-differences.

Finals Toxic vs Fox

Yeah, this will be vs the oldschool hardcore 4on4 Player Toxic, vs the upcoming QuakeWorld lover Fox.
Q3: I think Toxic is the better man here
QW: Fox will rape the oldschooler from Ice Climbers
Q2: Could go either way, but I believe fox is the better one here
Q4: cointoss? from what I heard from fox: "I am the better player, he will not win Q4"

I will as promised have an interview with Fox after the tourney and believe me, he will win, its not a matter of hoping, its a matter of knowing the skill-level of this kiddo from Hässleholm.

GL FOX, QW community is behind you and we hope you win and can tell everyone what a great game QuakeWorld is.

Thump4 vs plop (dm4)
Fox vs Toxic (Aerowalk)
2007-08-04, 22:39
As it now stands clear that the grand final will be between Fox and Tox I just have to comment on a couple of statements made earlier.
Toxic or Toxjq as he's now called had an undisputed record of 9 consecutive tournament wins in Q4 before losing the grand final in Louisville some month ago, placing second behind Av3k. I would therefor predict Toxjq to take down Q4, it's almost as certain as Fox will take QW. Before Quake4 both players was in the same team in Q3 (Ice Climbers) and Fox had a few top5 placings in duel tournaments of high standards, whereas Toxjq never really seemed that interested in duelling before Q4. Both players have excellent aim in Quake3 without a doubt, but as stated earlier Fox has the most _Q3_ duel experience, so the question really is down to if Toxjq can convert his duelling skills of Quake4 to Quake3. Quake3 could go either way and Quake2 i haven't got a clue, but somehow i feel and hope that Fox will pull through as he truely is a player that deserves a big tournament win.
2007-08-04, 22:45
Nice predictions there Vic!
Lets concentrate on Q2 then, because it will simply be a cointoss between Q2 and Q3 then and I believe that Fox has the upper hand here on both games.
From what I heard, Fox played very good on q2 vs Kovaak and will without doubt win the fight there vs Toxic!

Will be a very very hot final, do u know the time for the finals?
2007-08-04, 23:18
I uploaded the demo when he beat paradoks on dm4
2007-08-05, 01:34
The final scores
Fojji [2:3] toxjq
QW Aerowalk 40:2
Quake2 The Edge 29:3
Quake 3 Pro-Q3DM6 -1:19
Quake 4 Phrantic 2:18
Quake 4 Monsoon 7:10 (tie break map)

Toxic won 3-2

1: cup_gold $20,000 - toxjq
2: cup_silver $12,500 - fojji
3: cup_bronze $7,500 - DaHanG
4: $5,000 - PURRI
5~8: $1,250 - naymlis, Lost-Cauze, griffin & Chance

Interviews with Fox will come online later on when I can reach him, that will be when he comes back from Usa
2007-08-05, 01:54
now the whining starts, just got some message from some dude at quakecon:
the_secret_quakecon_dude wrote:
XXX: btw you should mention how TOX just got lucky
XXX: against naymlis and dahang he got Q3 coinflipped as the third game instead of QW
XXX: dahang and naymlis have had solid QW games (dahang beat thump4 pretty solid in QW)

and the finals are beeing put online, QW aswell \o/ .vod
2007-08-05, 02:11
.vod's from QuakeCon:
Thump4 vs plop in QW (dm4
2007-08-05, 02:29
just listen to the commentators being just amazed by the fast paced game we worship
but how can they say that painkiller is faster? omfg!
2007-08-05, 03:36
2007-08-05, 08:22
maybe because it IS faster?
2007-08-05, 08:53
.mvd from the qwgames?
2007-08-05, 10:22
DaHang - Thump4 @ Aerowalk 28:9

oops :/
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