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QuakeCon update
QuakeCon wiki has been under way since a couple of days back. I thought i'd give you a brief summary on the event so far. Putting it shortly, the coverage of the tournaments have been a disgrace and besides that, id Software have had a few interesting announcements to make, as usual on QuakeCon.
It's the 4th of August today and QuakeCon has been running for two days now. With the new Quad Damage Tournament, people from the different Quake communities were more eager than ever to follow the tournament at the event this time.

While the tournament in id Software's new game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has made decent progress, the Quad Damage tournament was stalled already on the first day. The reason was that the organizers couldn't get their server system working. To save resources they had the players going through a special software which spawned the correct server depending on what game they were going to play. This might have been necessary as all four games in the Quake series are featured at this event, but you might ask yourself why no proper preparation was made to avoid failures such as this. The issue was basically that it worked less good with the Quakeworld and Quake 2 servers.

Other reports also says that the Quad Damage Tournament had half players dropping out, which might have eased the stress on the QuakeCon staff a bit. They also revealed their lack of preparations when the american player Thump4 wiki was nearly disqualified. The reason for this was that he used his own crosshair and player skin. The staff later on let him continue playing, but from that time on they examine the pak files and stuff that the players use. Another Quakeworld player called "Tydligen" (swedish name?) was really caught cheating though. Reports says it was a good old wallhack being used.

Apart from the above i can't make any report on the results of the tournament as the community haven't really received any. The event is lacking both streams and GTV equivalents in all games. No websites have decent result reports in text either, so noone really knows who is successful.

Anyway, there are some positive things with QuakeCon after all. Among other things, John Carmack wiki revealed that they have a few aces up their sleeves at id Software. I'll just cut and paste from the official QuakeCon site: wrote:

* Catalog of Games via Steam: Gamers worldwide will have the opportunity to find their favorite id Software titles digitally with a catalogue that ranges from the classic Commander Keen all the way to DOOM3, being made available immediately on Valve’s Steam game delivery platform.

* QUAKE Arena Arcade: Coming to Xbox Live in partnership with Microsoft and Pi Studios.

* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars On Shelves: The game is slated to be on North American store shelves on October 2, 2007.

* Wolfenstein: Fans were given an update on id Software’s new Wolfenstein title in development by Raven Software for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 with multiplayer by Threewave Software.

* In-the-Works: id Software then unveiled plans for a project codenamed QUAKE Zero, an exciting new version of QUAKE Arena driven by a web front end and completely free to gamers that is being developed by a new internal team at id Software.

* QuakeCon 2008: Returning to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas from July 31 – August 3.

The main news for us Quakeworlder's here is probably that Quake will be available on Valve's online service called Steam. Maybe this could result in a surge of new players in the community. With nQuake present though, it might just be minor news for the hardcore community.
2007-08-04, 15:38
I know i lack sources in this news item, but i just couldn't be arsed. Most facts/updates can be found on GGL and on ESReality's frontpage piece.

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2007-08-04, 16:00
what i want to know if there will be any quake demos from this tournament, or if the admins suck too much even for that. 8)
2007-08-04, 16:27
Well, according to the rules, demos must be recorded from all games. I guess this is to see if someone cheated or whatever, but it would be stupid if they won't release them somewhere. There are also VOD's (video on demand) of some games on the GGL website, but that's mostly from Q4 games so far, along with one Q2 game. :\

Really piss poor coverage and this makes me long for QHLAN already.
2007-08-04, 16:33
Qhlan11 will be sassa-coverage all the way
2007-08-04, 18:00
pluss thus VODs are laggy as hell, this is total crap.
2007-08-04, 21:00 got some results up.. for those of you who are lazy enough to go there, apparently all (?) three swedes are still in the tourney going into the semifinals: Toxic is facing off against DaHang and Fox is squaring off against Purri..
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