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Toxjq Interview
I got hold of Toxjq wiki who have played in Ice Climbers wiki and PoFF wiki for an interview, concerning his participation in this years Quakecon wiki.

#1 Hi and welcome to, can you tell a bit about yourself in IRL?
My name is Johan Quick, I'm playing with Alias toxjq pronounced toxic, I'm 23 years old from Sweden. I'm a professionals video-gamer, my current game I am playing is Quake 4 and beside programing I enjoy going to the gym four times a week.

#2 What's your gaming history, especially with QW?
I started to play Quake 1 when i was 10 years old, i played QW for 4 years, I played mostly TDM together with iCE CLIMBERs.

#3 What are the global differences between QW and your old game (community, teamplay, gameplay etc...)?
QW is the fastest game of the Quake series, so movement is one of the most important things in QW, i haven't been playing QW for many years, so i don't know so much about the community now, but i will try my best at Quakecon in all the Quake games.

#4 You're heading off to Quakecon soon for the big Quake Quad Damage Tournament for $20k. Who do you fear the most?
I can't say that I have anyone special to fear, it feels like everyone can be a big threat, because i wasn't a 1v1 player before Quake 4, and there are a lot of players who have Quake 2 as their best game, and it would be my worst, i only played Quake 2 for a couple of weeks, with a p1 100mhz that I almost couldn't even run Quake 2 on, so it will sure be a tough tournament for me.

#5 What do you wanna say to DaG(urra) wiki, Griffin wiki, Reppie wiki and Paradoks wiki concerning your comeback to QW?
The only thing i can say , let's hope we get some fun games, I am not going into this tournament with so much preparing, because I see it more as a fun thing to do, and just hoping I do well in the tournament.

#6 Aerowalk is a very fast map, have you learned all the tricks on that map yet, how comfortable to you feel there?
No, I didn't play Aerowalk when i played QW, so this map is new map for me, I only know it from Quake 3, but you can't compare the map between two different types of games.

#7 For many people, QW 4on4 TDM is the ultimate game, you have once played it very seriously, what are your thoughts, when comparing QW TDM to other games' TDM?
I think QW 4v4 is really fun to play, but i would say i would pick Quake 3 TDM for the ultimate team game.

#8 Ownage 1on1 tourney will start in September, are you interested in competing in a online 1on1 QW tourney or do you want to come to QHLAN11 in Stockholm in the beginning of January to show the regular QW players how pro's play 1on1?
No i just play these other games before Quakecon, i just want to get use to the feeling again, and as soon as Quakecon is over i will go back and practice Quake 4 for the upcoming WSVG events.

#9 Want to say anything or just whine, do it now!
I want to say thank you to the Fatal1ty brand for supporting me in my gaming career, and let's hope for a smooth and nice tournament.
2007-07-30, 11:59
23 years old, started playing Quake 1 at the age of 10. 23-10 = 13. Age of Quake 1? Unknown. But it must be at least 100 years old. Epic failure anyways.
2007-07-30, 13:08
nice interviews. perhaps he started at the age of 10.999 and is about to turn 23 this year and got hold of the secret qtest alpha source.
2007-07-30, 13:36
Sounds like he would play Nerf Blast Arena if there were 20k to win there... And were iC any good in QW? Never heared of them before Q3A arrived.

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2007-07-30, 17:09
apo sharp as usual cheers
2007-07-30, 22:34
come one ... purri wants to play 4on4 with you and fox :| i will buy as many billy's piroger u want at qhlan
2007-07-30, 22:48
Those guys at QuakeCon better be scared if her performs as well as he looks cool on that picture. tiki tiki tiki.
2019-02-15, 17:59
There was a player in Portugal back in around 98/99 named connan , he was 10 at the time and what a player! Unfortunatly he quit QW in around 2002 I think and never heard from him again.
So, I dont really find it odd that this guy would be 10 year old playing qw. Im sure many more out there.
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