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QuakeWorld Eternal Schloss 2024: A Riveting Tournament Recap
The QuakeWorld Eternal Schloss 2024 tournament was an electrifying event that brought together 15 dedicated clans, showcasing their skills and strategies on the relatively new Schloss map. After 7 weeks, the event has come to a close. Letís recap it a little bit.
The Clans and Notable Teams

Among the 15 clans that signed up, Milton's BlackBook and Paradoks' Slackers were particularly noteworthy. These teams are renowned in the QuakeWorld community for their high-level gameplay and strategic prowess. They were joined by some bloomers in the scene: GoodFellas, Rebellion of Thunder, The Axemen - to name just a few.

Unfortunately, the Tribe of Tjernobyl had to void their games due to personal reasons and summer inactivity. This unexpected withdrawal impacted the tournament schedule but was handled gracefully by the organizers. Only two walkovers (WOs) were given by TSQ, ensuring the integrity of the competition was maintained as much as possible.

The Battleground: Schloss Map

The Schloss map, relatively new to the TP 4on4 routines, proved to be a thrilling battleground for the clans. The map's design demanded fast-paced action, strategic thinking and adaptability, resulting in numerous frags and memorable moments. Players had to quickly familiarize themselves with the terrain, leading to dynamic and unpredictable matches. The reason to create this event was to level up the budding TP routines on Schloss, which we hope we succeeded in.

Gallant Fights and Video Content

Clans fought gallantly, pushing their limits and showcasing their prowess. The intense battles produced a plethora of video content, capturing the excitement and skill on display. Streamers, particularly Bad.Sebi from Bad.SebiTV, played a crucial role in bringing the action to a broader audience. Their streams and commentaries added an extra layer of engagement, making the tournament accessible and enjoyable for fans worldwide.

Tournament Structure and Statistics

Each clan had to play four games due to the dual playoffs, ensuring even teams that lost in the first round continued to compete. This format maintained high engagement and provided multiple opportunities for teams to showcase their skills.Thanks to the Sniegowy Bot, all stats and results were meticulously covered. This sophisticated bot collected data from mvd demos, allowing us to monitor all teams and players' performance through a complex web of statistics. A particularly entertaining clip, "The pentrun that has never been" by Pitbull, added to the event's highlights and can be viewed below:

Watch it on YT

Nasander's Red Armor Quest

A humorous subplot emerged thanks to the Sniegowy Bot, which revealed that Nasander had not taken a single Red Armor before his last game. This discovery led to some hilarious attempts by Nasander to finally acquire one, much to the amusement of the community. The resulting antics were quickly memed and shared widely, becoming a light-hearted highlight of the tournament.

The Final Results

Black Book emerged victorious, losing only one map to GoodFellas in the final, which they won 3-1

Watch map 1 on YT.
Watch map 2 on YT
Watch map 3 on YT
Watch map 4 on YT

The Rebellion of Thunder secured third place, while KOFF from Finland took the fourth spot. Here are the final standings:

Black Book - 100 pts
GoodFellas 1 - 80 pts
Rebellion of Thunder - 70 pts
Koff - 60
Slackers - 52
Beer Bear Balalaika - 45
Hell Xpress - 39
The Axemen - 34
Fraggers United - 29
Demolition Crew - 25
SaturníTro - 21
The Suicide Quad - 18
GoodFellas 2 - 15
MarsíTro - 12
Tribe of Tjernobyl - 10

Get ready for the Next Episode

The QuakeWorld Eternal Schloss 2024 tournament was a testament to the enduring appeal and competitive spirit of the QuakeWorld community. Despite some setbacks, the event was a resounding success, marked by high-level gameplay, strategic depth, and community engagement. As the QuakeWorld scene continues to evolve, events like Eternal Schloss 2024 remind us of the vibrant and passionate community that keeps this classic game alive.

Stay tuned for more action this September, as we will probably set foot to the loved and hated Claustrophobopolis!

For more detailed information, you can visit the QuakeWorld Eternal Schloss 2024 Wiki page.
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Thanks everyone for participating. Make sure to use the Śniegowy Bot in the Eternal discord!
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