Kapitan Kloze  /  9 May 2024, 13:21
QuakeWorld Eternal 2024 kicks off this Monday
QuakeWorld Eternal 2024 is the latest tournament in the QuakeWorld scene. This clan-based 4on4 competition is designed to decide who is the best on the official three classic maps, often refered as The Big Three (Dm2, Dm3 and E1M2) and the upcoming Schloss (20 years old?).
The tour will start at Schloss, and later continue with e1m2, dm2, and dm3 later this year.

Each map will have its own tournament to finalize the best clan/players on each map.
Here is a short intro made by Bad.Sebi TV

QuakeWorld Eternal Trailer.

Signups close on 12th of May, so get youit shit together and fire up you Rocket Launchers now! It's time to grind!


Join our discord form more info: QuakeWorld Eternal Discord.
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