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Kombat Duel 7: A Fierce Competition of Individual Skill
The Kombat Duel 7 tournament is underway, showcasing top 1on1 Quake players from February 26th to an anticipated finish on April 20th. Organized by Alice, known for her contributions to the Quake map-making scene with popular arenas like Rocka and Aztec, this tournament divides competitors into three divisions based on their skill levels, each battling through a group stage followed by intense single elimination playoffs.
The competition features a lineup of classic and contemporary maps, including dm4, ztndm3, aerowalk, bravado, and Alice's own creation, Tron. Notably absent are the iconic maps dm2 and dm6, adding a unique twist to this season's match-ups.

Division 1
In the final stages, Division 1 sees an unexpected yet thrilling final between Speedball and Andeh, who has proven his mettle by reaching the Ownage Cup final previously. Despite a strong showing in past matches, Andeh's journey to the finals has been marked by significant victories, including a decisive win over Locktar.

Division 1 finals
As the finals approach, excitement builds with the promise of a high-stakes duel between two skilled contenders, ensuring that the conclusion of Kombat Duel 7 will be a spectacle not to be missed.

Division 2
In the lower divisions of Kombat Duel 7, the competition was equally fierce and showcased emerging talents. In Division 2, the top spot was clinched by eh, demonstrating superior skill and strategy throughout the tournament. He was followed by sCorp in second place and another Finn, rusti, in third. Sweden's tumult rounded out the top four, each player proving their capabilities in a series of challenging matchups.

Division 3
Division 3 saw Sweden dominate the podium with z0mbie90 taking first place and lurq securing second, underscoring the depth of talent in the Swedish Quake community. Polandís mj23 and Kerik captured third and fourth places, respectively, adding an international flavor to the divisionís top ranks.

These results from Divisions 2 and 3 not only highlight the competitive spirit of the players but also set the stage for potential promotions to higher divisions in future tournaments. The success of these contenders provides a glimpse into the promising future of Quake's competitive scene.

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