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Clash of Titans: Bennett and Firing Squad Advance to EQL Cup 3 Finals
The European Quake League Cup 3 is reaching its climax, with the semifinals showcasing intense matchups and drama. Bennett, formerly known as Miltons clan, secured their spot in the finals with a decisive 3-1 victory over Suddendeath. Meanwhile, Firing Squad edged out Polonez in a nail-biting 3-2 series, setting the stage for an epic showdown in the tournament's final round.
In their match against Suddendeath, Bennett demonstrated their dominance on maps like Schloss and DM2, with Milton leading the charge with impressive scores. Despite Suddendeath's valiant effort and a win on E1M2, Bennett's overall team synergy and strategic prowess carried them through.

The battle between Firing Squad and Polonez was a rollercoaster of emotions, with each team showcasing their strengths across different maps. Polonez started strong with a win on Aztec, but Firing Squad bounced back on DM3 and E1M2, ultimately securing their final berth with a close victory on DM2.

Individual performance
Worth noting is Milton's formidable presence for Bennett, as always underscored by his scoring prowess on maps like DM2, where he notched an impressive 101 frags, showcased why he's considered the goat. On the side of Firing Squad, Reppie emerged as a linchpin, especially notable on E1M2 with an 85-frag performance that was crucial in their victory against Polonez. Meanwhile, Polonez's Thunder unleashed his broomstick efficiency and havoc on Schloss, amassing an astonishing 87 frags, although it wasn't quite enough to secure a win. These standout players not only demonstrated their individual skills but also how integral they are to their teams' strategies and successes.

Finals and 3rd place
With the third-place match between Suddendeath and Polonez yet to be played, all eyes are now on the grand finale where Bennett will face off against Firing Squad. Both teams have shown exceptional skill and determination, promising a final worth remembering. Stay tuned for the culmination of EQL Cup 3, where legends will be made, and champions crowned.

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2024-04-11, 12:15
GL Polonez in the next game!
2024-04-11, 15:07
GGS!!! epic games!! thx sassa !
2024-04-11, 15:12
ggs!!!! hot games!!!
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