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EQL Cup 2 Concludes with Thrilling Matches and The Revenge of Macler
The EQL Cup 2, a compact tournament hosted by the European Quake League (EQL), wrapped up on February 19th after a series of intense battles that showcased the skill and strategic depth of the participating teams. Kicking off on January 22nd, this second iteration of the short-format competition brought together top teams from across Europe for a month of high-stakes QuakeWorld action.

Div 1 Tournament Overview
The tournament's opening matches set the tone for the high-caliber gameplay to follow. Sweden's Suddendeath faced a tough challenge against Finland's Miltons, with the latter securing a convincing 3-0 victory. In another opening clash, Norway's Axemen were bested by Poland's Polonez, who emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline.

As the competition progressed to the semifinals, Finland's Miltons continued their dominant run with a 3-0 win over Norway's Axemen. Meanwhile, Poland's Polonez edged out Sweden's Suddendeath with a 3-1 victory, setting the stage for an electrifying final between Macler and Milton.
Final Showdown
The finals saw Miltons go head-to-head with Polonez in a nail-biting series. In an upset, Polonez triumphed over Miltons with a 3-2 score, claiming the top spot in EQL Cup 2. The match for third place was equally competitive, with Norway's Axemen narrowly defeating Sweden's Suddendeath 3-2 to secure the bronze.

Match Highlights
The match between Finland's Miltons and Norway's Axemen was a display of Kenya-experts, prestigue and precision, with Miltons showcasing their prowess across maps like CTL8, E1M2, and STRONGHOLD, securing victories with scores of 235-191, 238-199, and 219-155, respectively. Note the upset on Castle of the Damned, where the Norwegians Axmen lost despite being the favorite.

Poland's Polonez versus Sweden's Suddendeath was a rollercoaster of a series. The teams were neck and neck on E1M2, with Polonez squeaking by with a 218-217 win. Polonez extended their lead on SCHLOSS and STRONGHOLD, but Suddendeath showed resilience, outplaying Polonez on DM2 with a score of 297-174, before Polonez clinched the series with a win on STRONGHOLD.

Macler and Milton Lead Their Teams in Epic EQL Cup 2 Showdown
In the recent EQL Cup 2, the clash of captains brought an intriguing narrative to the forefront of the competition. Macler, leading the Polish Polonez team, emerged as the underdog against the formidable Milton, captain of Miltons. Milton's legacy in QuakeWorld is nearly unmatched; for over 15 years, he has been a dominant force, obliterating opponents in various team formats. However, Milton recently experienced a rare setback with an upset loss at the QHLAN Masters 2024, marking his first tournament loss in over a decade.

A memorable moment between these two captains occurred between the maps Phantombase and CTL8. Macler attempted a psychological ploy, taunting Milton over his unusual +8(?) Rocket Launcher drops. Despite this attempt to unsettle him, Milton's team won CTL8, showcasing the importance of the command "ignore_enemys" or Miltons psycological strenght.

Another standout performance came from Gosciu of Polish Polonez, whose exceptional skill with the Lightning Gun (LG) shone brightly on the Kenya Maps (Stronghold, CTL8, and Phantombase). His remarkable accuracy and an kenya knowldege, led him to high scores across these maps, highlighting his important role in his team's win.

Future of EQL
As we look back on this exhilarating month of QuakeWorld action, we congratulate Poland's Polonez for their victory. EQL Cup 2 has once again proven the spirit of the Quakeworld Community, love, revenge and laughter. We eagerly await the next chapter of the EQL saga and the next game between Macler and Milton.
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