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Qhlan 2024 Masters: A Celebration of Legacy and Unity in QuakeWorld

The Qhlan 2024 Masters stands out as a phenomenal event, elevating the standards of excellence and communal spirit. It wasn't just your ordinary LAN; it was a tribute to the enduring legacy of QuakeWorld, a game nearing its 30th anniversary. This event showcased a blend of remarkable skill, deep camaraderie, and the thrill of competition. We explore the core of this memorable event, highlighting key moments and significant scores that established it as a milestone in the QuakeWorld community. It was more than a competition; it was a rich testament to a game that continues to inspire and unite players across generations and continents.
Participants from around the globe either took part or followed the event on various platforms, each one hopefully as inspired by the final result as I was. The level of professionalism from Jehar, Bouv, Andeh, and Crew, has left a lasting impression on the community, elevating the standards of streaming content and production.

The organization team with Danneman, BPS, Peppe, LW, Alice and Sniket, outdid themselves, making all services accessible across multiple platforms for everyone to engage with and enjoy. The games themselves were a mix of surprises - some big, some small. Favorites advanced, some all the way to the top, while others unexpectedly fell short.... It was a thrilling spectacle that introduced a new generation of players such as Speedball, Bernie, Peppe and Holy, to take their place in the longstanding, hierarchy of QuakeWorld.

The thrill of the tournament reached its peak with ParadokS's unexpected appearance in the spectator area during a critical tie, with just one map left. It was a moment that reminded us that nothing is impossible in the world of Quake. Despite the disbelief, the legendary Commandos was bested in three straight maps, a stunning turn of events especially considering their earlier +100-frag dominance on Claustrophobopolis.

In those final moments, as we chanted "Pa-Ra-Doks" during the break, the range of emotions was palpable. At the podium, the mix of joy and disappointment, it was clear that even after nearly three decades, QuakeWorld still ignites a spectrum of feelings - joy, friendship, happiness, and even sadness.

The Qhlan 2024 Masters has marked its place in the QuakeWorld saga, destined to be eternally celebrated as a high point of Quake heritage and communal unity.

Thank you!

Pictures from BadSebiTV
TastyspleenTV Day 1 - 1on1
TastyspleenTV Day 2 - 2on2
TastyspleenTV Day 3 - 4on4
BadSebiTV 4on4 Day
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2024-01-18, 09:02
Fantastic write-up Sassa! <3
Did you run this by some native english copyrighter, or have your writing skills improved this much?!
2024-01-18, 11:36
Merci Merci!!
10 years of writing experience is quite beneficial, but its the tools that simplify the process!
2024-01-18, 15:47
Great Sassa. I watched some of the games at Twitch. Excellent to say the least. Made me install qw (once) again... Any tips for not becoming addicted? I have a family now

2024-01-24, 14:19
When is the next one? :E I would play some QW, but my packet loss is killing me...

Ps. Hej jOn!
2024-01-24, 15:04
Hej Hagge, jag och grisling pratade om dig idag! Kom till discord vetja? Quake.World
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