ocoini  /  14 Aug 2023, 20:33
Division Ninety Nine - Ten Year Anniversary - 4on4 QuakeWorld Draft Tournament
Another season of QuakeWorld!
2023 autumn season about to kick off!

Division Ninety Nine
Ten Year Anniversary
4on4 QuakeWorld Draft Tournament

Signup ends 27'th August.
Games begin after September 3rd.
Tournament ends mid-late october. (depending on signups.)
Hope you're absolutely bored in a wall about all of that UV light hyped stuff, ages your skin being outside anyways!
Time to End Endiffing the sun-rays and; grab the Rocket Launcher and head indoors!

Raining outside, tea on the cooker, a pro wondering quite insistently on the voice com why you weren't there when the RL spawned...? (He did tell you timing 4 times you know..)
Or how on earth you could let someone slip to high with 50 rockets, tonnes of health and a red armour on you on dm2 tele..? (Let that nasty hack go, and stop looking at big perhaps..!)
Oh yes..! QuakeWorld 4on4 about to kick off again! What excellent drama will we have this season`?

Division Ninety Nine clan is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year!
Ten years sure flew by fast. Many players have come, many have gone.. but we have so far remained true to our little mission; a place in QuakeWorld for everyone that wants to play 4on4
We are in that event blasting off this season of 4on4 by holding a draft tournament that you can join in on!

Most of you have either been in d99 or you have definitely played against us at some point so hope you will be joining in on our very little birthday celebration event and signing up to play !

It's going to be a very basic tournament structurally; round robin, bo3's and picking your own map in roughly 7 weeks of play.
But there are lots of maps to chose from!
Phantoma, Dm3, Q1q3dm7, e1m2, cmt1b, gmdm1, obsidian, cmt3, schloss, anwalk2, ctl8, e1m6tdm, Rocka, e3m3tdm, cmt4, Ukcldm2, Dm2 are all in it. And three untested maps added: Moon, Stronghold and Forsaken.
A great selection of maps we have played in various great tournaments in the last 10 years all combined and free for the picking.
Hope you paid attention through the years; It's going to be hard
But that is ONE of the reasons we pride ourselves with: we play QW because it's hard.

So: Off we go again!
With Andeh from SuddenDeathTV hosting a draft show; with Xantom's excellent draft program. In the weekend of september 1-3rd.
People streaming 4on4 with brilliant and ludicrous plays! Don't feel left out: Join in on the fun and signup here:

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