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toma  /  19 Mar 2023, 21:49
ezQuake 3.6.2 released
ezQuake 3.6.2 has been released!

Thanks to all contributors! Without you guys, there will be just void!
Release Notes

You can get it from the Release Notes (scroll down to the Assets).

We dropped with the 3-binary release. We just have 1 binary, which contains both the 'classic' and the 'modern' renderer. You can toggle with 'vid_renderer`.
2023-03-19, 23:05
smooth! thanks for sharing.
2023-03-20, 17:43
Win 10 Defender goes nuts over the downloaded zip, Virus Total comes up clean.

Wacatac. B! ml

Hopefully a false positive?

[edit] Dev unzipped it on GitHub to keep Defender from freaking out.
2023-04-03, 04:44
does this version contain reki's new antilag?
2023-04-04, 12:34
windows defender blocks the .exe as well, not just the .zip...
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