bps  /  19 Jan 2023, 07:58 put to rest, leaving a void
Forsberg, the server admin of, recently declared the much beloved foppa server end of life:
"An epoke is over, went down again, and I do not think it's coming up at its current location again. I will try to bring it back up another place, but I dont have high hopes for routing etc. I want to thank everyone who used or helped with the quake servers, it has been a pleasure to give a little to this great game we all love <3"
The foppa server has been the go to QW server as its location in Denmark has proven to be the best option to most. The perfect middle ground. Thank you for all your efforts with the servers Forsberg.

If other servers will spawn in foppas place is yet to be seen.
2023-01-19, 09:08
Few if any servers are as legendary as A huge thank you for running it all these years Forsberg.
2023-01-19, 10:14
Thank you Forsberg! <3
2023-01-24, 03:37
Can someone bring up an alternative Foppa server and call it "foppa alternative"
2023-01-30, 11:30
Tak foppa!
2023-02-05, 11:41
"so long and thanks for all the fish"
2023-04-12, 00:09
Great, now the only IP I can remember is Troopers... I used to have two IP's I knew by heart!!! <3
2023-05-02, 01:59
Now we have new danish Servers up on bad 28501-05 I believe.
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