toma  /  19 Dec 2022, 12:26
GetQuad Draft Season 6 Grand Final today
The match to end it all!

Today from 21:00CET the Grand Final of GetQuad Draft Season6 between Milton's Mutants and Diki's Cocks will finish yet another outstanding and exciting season of the GetQuad franchise. Let's see who will sit on the throne of QuakeWorld!
The 2 teams have met during the Group Stage, where the Cock's (Diki, Nigve, Ok98, Wim) came out better, beating the Mutants (Milton, creature, HangTime, raket) 2-1. But just look at those scores:
DM3 180 - 247
DM2 212 - 211
E1M2 263 - 260

This DM2 and E1M2 were the only maps the Mutants lost during the whole tournament, entering the Playoffs with an outstanding 16-3 W/L map ratio. The Cocks lost 3 maps in total in the Group Stage, finishing the Group Stage with 15-3 W/L ratio.
In the Playoffs the Mutants made a flawless 3-0 win in the semi final, while the Cocks had to work hard to gain victory. They have lost 2 DM3 in the semi final but came out with a 3-2 score at the end.

In QHLan2022, which were running in the middle of the GetQuad Draft Season, Diki and Milton played together in Commando, and took the gold medal in 4on4.
Did Diki got some inside tips during QHLan about how to play DM3?
Or did Diki figured out some weaknesses of Milton?
Or wimpee's new haircut will make a difference on that haunted DM3 for the Cocks?

Let's find all this out today, from 21:00CET!!_Draft_6
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