Link  /  10 Nov 2022, 09:20
3 new 4on4 maps
The Wizard's Manse released 3 new 4on4 maps today. They are all converted from Counter-Strike: Italy, Mirage and Nuke. 2 more is on the way; dust2 and cobble.
Mirage and Italy have been tested already and final versions are done. Nuke is released as beta and will get playtested.

Map pages:

Mirage -
Italy -
Nuke -


Mirage (bsp, loc)
Italy (bsp, loc, hires textuers)
Nuke (bsp, loc, hires textuers)

There will be a tournament on these maps in the future. Stay tuned.

PS! If you downloaded italy.bsp prior to this newsupdate, you got the wrong bsp file. Italy got updated!
2022-11-26, 18:19
some loves to mix the sheep and the goats
I wonder why is it good to port maps from a totally different gamestyle? is it easier (= less work?)
2022-11-28, 12:23
No one said it was a good idea.

Its just fun.
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