toma  /  31 Oct 2022, 23:49
KTX 1.42 is released
The QW-Group was not resting in the past couple of weeks: we present KTX 1.42!

As usual, couple of improvements and bugfixes are delivered with this release.

Full changelog
Precompiled binaries
The Endgame Stats, which were revamped in KTX v1.41, has been reverted. The new, table-based style was not greatly welcome among players.
If you liked the new style though, you can still see it after the end of a match by typing
in the client console.

2022-11-04, 00:18
If you want to auto trigger /laststats upon match ending, add this to you ezquake config:
alias on_matchend "laststats"
alias infoset "cmd info ev 8"
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